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    FS Wolfman WR2-SB with WRH2 Handle & Stand

    Razor is sold! Thank you to buyer and to B&B
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    FS Wolfman WR2-SB with WRH2 Handle & Stand

    Wolfman WR2-SB (1.15 Blade Gap), stainless steel, polished (Basic), with SS Polished WRH2 Handle (90mm hollow), also basic and with stand. Used twice. Invoice is dated Sept. 16, 2021. Comes in original box shown. $495 shipped. This was my second try at this razor, and it’s still a too...
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    Dual-comb razors

    I have two dual comb razors - a Yates and a Timeless SS .68. Both have open comb on one side and solid bar on the other. I love them both. If I haven’t shaved for a few days, I do the first pass with the OC side and the second and third with the SB side. Both sides have the same gap. It’s...
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Saturday evening shave: Razor: Wolfman 1.15 SB Blade: Personna Super Brush: WCS Ferrari Synthetic Lather: Ethos Vanilla Safi Aftershave/Fragrance:B&M Seville Balm 10/10
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    I gave up coffee. Now I drink tea. Any suggestions?

    Rishi English Breakfast Tea is our favorite, a great tea and we drink a lot of it!
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    OCtober 2021

    OCtober Razor: Tatara Masamune OC Blade: Personna Super Brush: Yaqi Rainbow Brown Soap: PAA CK-6 Dapper Doc
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    Barrister and Mann's new Omnibus base: discussion and reviews

    Fantastic review, Dan. I was trying to wait for Seville to come out in the Omnibus base, but think I have to throw in the towel now. (For that matter, I also just ordered a tub of Electric Sheep!) I have dry skin, and B&M Excelsior can leave my skin feeling a little dryer then Siero, CK6...
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    Change One Letter Word Game

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    Change One Letter Word Game

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    Favorite (Tallow) Unscented Soap

    PAA CK6 Scentsless Wholly Kaw Bare Siero
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    OCtober 2021

    I am in!
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    Seasonal scents--any fall releases you are excited about?

    (Doesn't go on sale until October 9)
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    REVIEW: The Tatara Nodachi Razor

    Tatara is my top performer as well right now - masamune base and nodachi cap. Razors it has topped include Timeless .68 & .95, Yates M & H plates, Blackbird, Fatip. Timeless is equal to Tatara in smoothness in my experience, but Tatara is my favorite in terms of appearance, agility...
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    Change One Letter Word Game

    (calamity was a response to atypical, but anu beat me to it by 2 minutes with capitally - I didn't see that though)
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