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    Speick cream

    This is the perfect description of the scent. I love Speick cream; it is my shave-at-the-gym choice.
  2. mumB_L_E

    Clear your lips!

    See the following RE: Figure 8, clearing the runways, etc.
  3. mumB_L_E

    Clear your lips!

    To make the sideburns easier to shave around... I think.
  4. mumB_L_E

    Clear your lips!

    This is one of the few tips I retained from GeoFatboy. I do not clear the runways or figure 8.
  5. mumB_L_E

    ATG help needed.

    South to north? Northeast to southwest and vice versa?
  6. mumB_L_E

    Below the nose.

    I shave the mustache area last on each pass and pull the skin tight by pinning the body of the lip between my upper teeth and bottom lip.
  7. mumB_L_E

    Winter shaving tips!

    Shave the night before, or the morning of, a long day of skiing -- not after.
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    ATG help needed.

    I am with BigJ here. Given the contours of my face and grain direction, some areas don't make sense to go ATG; some areas don't make sense to go XTG. You might have luck with diagonal strokes in your problem areas. Shortening your ATG strokes might also be helpful. In my experience, Feathers...
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    Where to buy MdC in the US

    I came here to suggest Pasteur's Pharmacy in Manhattan since they will deliver, although their pricing may not be as competitive as WCS or Maggard. Ordering directly from MdC is fair when ordering multiple soaps or a soap and EdT (the vetyver EdT is excellent imo).
  10. mumB_L_E

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    For my face, Feathers are best as a one-and-done blade. The first and only shave is worth it.
  11. mumB_L_E

    Is this tugging?

    It seems like you are scraping the skin, which is mostly an angle issue. There is slight-to-moderate variance for the optimum angle between different razors. Before I had the hang of my razor, I found it helpful to start with cap against my face (handle perpendicular) and gradually position the...
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    GD Pre-Shave: What am I doing wrong?

    @miguel is right on the money. I needed a couple tries to dial in GD's pre, but it sounds like you are doing it right. Do you feel like you are getting sub-standard shaves?
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    I didn't like like Fougere when I sniffed it at Pasteur's (I was comparing it to SV Felce Aromatica which I already had) and left with Vetiver -- my favorite soap. I ended up ordering Fougere a couple months later and it has definitely grown on me to the point of favoring it over the SV. Fougere...
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Early AM shave Prep: several splashes of warm water and GD Lavender Bouquet Pre-Shave Brush: Super Plush Synth Soap: MdC Fougère Razor: Feather AS-D2 Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (2nd shave) AS: Thayer's Lavender WH + Facial Oil blend 10/10. Only items I have interest in changing for home shaves...
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    Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Welcome from Boston!