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  1. mumB_L_E

    Any changes in you shaving routine since all the sheltering in place?

    Early on went 48 hours between shaves several times, which confirmed that my face/set up prefers daily or every day-and-a-half shaving. I also flirted with my boar brush for a couple a couple shaves, and ended up swearing off it for good... I mean it this time. Otherwise, I have been sticking...
  2. mumB_L_E

    What Do You Reach for After a TERRIBLE Shave

    First line of defense is alum stick, but I recently came across La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. My fiancée works in our city's corona field hospital and has been dealing with mask-induced irritation. One of her colleagues (dermatologist) recommended this balm, which has been a lifesaver for...
  3. mumB_L_E

    Sensitive neck!

    I could have sworn "the first blade pulls the hair so the following blades cut even closer," was a direct line from cartridge advertisements, but I have not put any effort into finding these old videos.
  4. mumB_L_E

    Alum Blocks? Are Some Better Than Others?

    I have only used an Osma block and an Omega alum stick. Same performance as they are the same formula (natural potassium alum) but the alum stick is much easier to hold/use, more portable, and wears down more evenly (the block can develop weird and sharp edges).
  5. mumB_L_E

    Quarantine Shaving Blues

    I think you're right on the money. I broke out with a bad case of the irritation blues after giving my boar brush yet another chance (this time I mean it, I am never going back to boar) following the March Madness. The blues stuck around for a couple shaves, but cleared up after I forced myself...
  6. mumB_L_E

    Upper lip ATG?

    Don't you mean... terrapin?
  7. mumB_L_E

    Upper lip ATG?

    Oh hell no! Reading about the Fool's Pass early on in my time here stuck with me; I have not and will not bother attempting it as my current routine works very well for me. Nine times out of ten WTG followed by inside-out XTG clears out all of my stubble on my moustache (ATG second pass...
  8. mumB_L_E

    The key to a nice shave is through an one pass shave...

    I was a one pass shaver with a DE and brushless cream, took a little detour with an electric, then found B&B... now I need a mimimum of two passes, more for the missed whiskers than closeness. I could get by with one pass and touchups if I wanted to.
  9. mumB_L_E

    Today I will test the old saying, “there are no stupid questions...”

    I think you're great in Curb Your Enthusiasm, so I'll take a stab... When people say blade feel, what does that mean exactly? How a given brand of blade feels gliding across your face OR how much blade you feel when using a given razor. Why does blade gap matter? I am sure one of the engineers...
  10. mumB_L_E

    Lower neck trouble area (2+ year shaver)

    You definitelty have a funky growth pattern in the problem area. To my eyes, it looks like grain is going from your Adam's apple toward your ear, no? If you aren't doing so already, make the problem area the very last section you shave and do your best to shave in this direction. You might also...
  11. mumB_L_E

    The placebo effect of shave counting

    Interesting. GSBs and Feathers are the only blades I use. In my experience: -- GSBs are great out of the wrapper, but best on shaves 2-5. -- Feathers are either one-and-done or two shaves max. I now only use Feathers if I am shaving after a couple days off, which is a rare occurrence lately.
  12. mumB_L_E

    The placebo effect of shave counting

    I only use two types of blades (with blade A seeing 80% of the action) and know exaclty how many shaves each will give me before I see a drop in quality. I am with Ad Astra: changing blades mid-shave is a surefire way to kill the shave and blades are cheap enough to not be worth risking a bad...
  13. mumB_L_E

    Shaving more or less during lockdown?

    I prefer shaving every 24-36 hours, so the only difference with telecommuting is that I only shave in the morning when I want to and have plenty of time. Before the lockdown, once I would shave in the morning I would be condemned to shaving in the morning for the rest of the week; this often led...
  14. mumB_L_E

    Newbie and loving it but need help

    Could be the soap, but some people are allergic to natural hair brushes or, if not allergic, their skin just does not agree with natural hair. Personally, I can't use boar (and never bothered giving badger a fair shake). You might benefit from trying out a synthetic brush.
  15. mumB_L_E

    Preshave oils vs water based creams

    When I used pre-shave oils, I would press them into damp skin. I use the cube as my pre-shave face wash. The instructions tell you to wash your face with the soap, rinse completely, then re-apply; this is a waste of time and soap, in my opinion. A more efficient use of your time and product...