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  1. MTG Jr

    The new adjustable Tatara Muramasa

    I’m not seeing the similarity, other than that it’s an adjustable DE razor.
  2. MTG Jr

    Karve vrs Timeless .95

    I have my Lupo on an 85mm NewYork. Great combination!
  3. MTG Jr

    Birmingham Pens - Carnegie Steel Co. - Cold Steel Ink

    Check the title of the thread......
  4. MTG Jr

    Birmingham Pens - Carnegie Steel Co. - Cold Steel Ink

    I recently bought this ink after reading this thread, and I had to come back to the thread to say that I absolutely love it. It has quickly become my favorite ink, hands down. It’s the perfect blue-black, in my opinion, and performs beautifully. Now I’m tempted to try one of their pens! :mad2:
  5. MTG Jr

    Pass-Around: Who wants to try a Fatip Lo Storto Testina Originale?

    Any updates here guys? I trust @bobmsp has received the razor by now, as @Dean13 indicated a week ago that he was about to send it?
  6. MTG Jr

    TIMELESS users: base plates question

    Wow. That’s a lot of timeless. Though somehow you‘re missing what I consider to be the best Timeless shaving experience....the SS or Ti .95 SB or Sc. For me, that’s where the Timeless sweetspot is!
  7. MTG Jr

    WTB Looking to buy a Gillette Black Beauty

    Did you find one?
  8. MTG Jr

    Wolfman Question

    High Zoot??
  9. MTG Jr

    Clubman 2020 - pls explain it to me

    Well, I learned smth. from this thread....smth. very interesting indeed. I learned that in some corners of the world (or corners of the internet), people use smth. as an abbreviation for something. Who knew?!
  10. MTG Jr

    Blanton's pricing

    ^Some good ones there, for sure!
  11. MTG Jr

    Blanton's pricing

    Please do share!?
  12. MTG Jr

    Lupo stainless?

    How do you like that handle? I’ve always wanted to try it. I own the longer, titanium, one-piece Halo by RR, and have wondered how that one compares.
  13. MTG Jr

    Wolfman in the House

    Congrats! The WR2 1.25 and the Timeless Ti .95 are #1 and #2 in my den.
  14. MTG Jr

    FS Thater Silvertip FS

    Can you please provide the model number? Is it on the end of the box maybe?
  15. MTG Jr

    FT Wolf W2 1.25 mirror polish for your 1.45 or 1.55

    You might consider offering to trade head for head (including cap). I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve read it recommended not to divorce a WR baseplate from its top cap.....that they are intended to stay together for best fit.
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