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Recent content by mretzloff

  1. mretzloff

    Are brown shoes with a gray suit appropriate for an interview?

    Gentlemen, thank you for your advice. I ended up going with black, and I believe the interview went well. Thanks again :)
  2. mretzloff

    Are brown shoes with a gray suit appropriate for an interview?

    I have Googled this and have found varying opinions. This leads me to believe that it might be best to stick with black shoes just to be safe. Thoughts?
  3. mretzloff

    Done using Credit/Debit Cards

    Please, for your own safety, never use debit cards. As some have pointed out here, once a debit card is charged, your money is gone immediately, unlike with a credit card where you now simply have a balance. If your debit card is fraudulently used, you are at the mercy of the issuer, unlike with...
  4. mretzloff

    Could my life get more B&B than this?

    Congratulations on the job!
  5. mretzloff

    The good thing about science

    No, just be happy that it's not a cop asking you that :lol:
  6. mretzloff

    Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

    Do you live in Scotland or anywhere close? If not, I would instead get her something that will remind her of you. If neither of you have ties to Scotland, the gift will not mean nearly as much as being able to remember you. The best gifts are always ones that have to do with some inside joke or...
  7. mretzloff

    Happy Thanksgiving B & B!

    This is my favorite holiday. One year, we even re-made Thanksgiving food for Christmas.
  8. mretzloff

    The good thing about science

    Very sneaky :wink2:
  9. mretzloff

    The good thing about science

    I'm a huge fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  10. mretzloff

    A new painting I just finished

    That looks very nice. Do you paint for a living?
  11. mretzloff

    The Radio Stinks!

    Bruce, have you considered XM radio or a radio app for your smartphone (if you have one)? You'd be able to skip the commercials that way and only listen to the music and/or talk that you want to. For some apps, such as the NPR one, you can even listen to radio stations from other parts of the...
  12. mretzloff

    TV question - 4K or no?

    That's not what I meant. It's just like the "Windows vs. Mac" argument. Everyone will give you their opinion, which is great, but if someone has not actually owned both, where is that opinion coming from? Just my two cents.
  13. mretzloff

    TV question - 4K or no?

    Get the 4K. Most people who argue against it probably have not owned one. It is 100% worth it. Even if there is little 4K content available, 4K TVs upscale current content and make it look a lot better.
  14. mretzloff

    Advice for life.

    I like these lists. Thanks for sharing.
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