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  1. mrb7

    Oil Change: Frequency?

    That's a man after my own heart. My 2000 Mercury has 330K miles. I change the oil about 6K to 7.5K miles. On changes I use Walmart Supertech synthetic. And since it looses a little these days I top off periodically with Walmart Supertech Dino oil. By the time I change it again I'm about at...
  2. mrb7

    Dunning–Kruger Effect

    Jeez, I step away for a while and when I come back you guys are talking about me. Dunning-Kruger, harrumph. Mikey
  3. mrb7

    Who still likes the Trac II?

    I bought a Trac II for traveling based on the recommendations it got here. Frankly it's a damn nice little system. And I find the blades are not hard to find. While true blue Gillette blades are more expensive at the grocery than DE blades, they're quite a bit cheaper than Mach 3 carts. I kept...
  4. mrb7

    Heresy; burnt at the stake

    Hey, some guys in my family have been using electrics for decades. Whatever works. But they didn't work for me. I tried a couple of different models for about three months. I'd grow a scraggly beard before I'd do that again. My failure at an electric didn't affect my cousin one bit. He still...
  5. mrb7

    Short Barreled Defense Round

    SGAmmo is the best place on line that I have found, too.
  6. mrb7


    Ghee is boiled just like clarified butter. It's just that the butter used in ghee is churned from cultured cream instead of regular cream like regular butter. The difference in taste is subtle but noticeable. Seems that if you're buying products marketed as ghee in the USA the culturing step...
  7. mrb7


    Yes. In a stick of butter there is some water. This separates when you melt it, and the water sinks. You work at it a bit and the water boils away leaving the milk fat. You also get milk solids that float to the top and need to be skimmed. So making good clarified butter is a little more work...
  8. mrb7

    Goverment has gone too far! War against Big Tamale!

    If you drive fast enough you never have to worry about a cop coming up behind you.
  9. mrb7

    Is It A Safe Bet That If Still Have Thick Hair At 45, You Probably Won't Go Bald?

    Short, fat, bald guys with good brains almost oozing out their ears can't get elected as president. As far as women wanting me for my money, I'd like to have enough money to judge that for myself. Right now there's no danger of that. Truth be told, my wife and I are a couple of kinda dumpy...
  10. mrb7

    Is It A Safe Bet That If Still Have Thick Hair At 45, You Probably Won't Go Bald?

    Understand that male pattern baldness is a completely different thing from a receding hairline or thinning hair. If you haven't started showing male pattern baldness by 45 then you're completely safe *FROM MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.* Everything else? Good luck. Your grandfather's record is a good...
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    The standard old joke is that your tripod is the sharpest lens in your bag.
  12. mrb7

    If you cook Brussel sprouts?

    All right, I ran across some already halved Brussel Sprouts at the grocery, and I remembered this thread. They're what's for dinner tonight. Anyone else?
  13. mrb7

    arko shave soap.

    I think s good comparison is that Arko is like named brand canned vegetables. Not as good as frozen. Not as good as fresh. But pretty darned good for everyday for the most part.
  14. mrb7

    What happened to taking your hat off inside?

    You do realize that the extra layer of insulation reduces the capacity to reject heat, so your brain must throttle down. Therefore a full head of hair is actually a detriment.