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  1. mr_houston

    Zookeepers of the Muhle R41 BEAST

    I joined the ranks of the Zookeepers this morning. I've been wondering about the razor for some time and have watched them sell cheaper lately. I got a chance to buy a used R102 version with white resin handle for $20 shipped and couldn't resist. Regarding the handle, I like it. Lately, I've...
  2. mr_houston

    Red Brushes

    I like red acrylic brush, esp. transparent ones. I am surprised that there aren't more of them. Or maybe I just haven't liked the ones I've seen. Is it hard to do red well? I just ordered this Yaqi for my birthday. I previously repurposed my Semogue 830 with a badger knot The...
  3. mr_houston

    The Kraken sold out?

    I've got an almost new one. I used it a couple of times, but the scent didn't agree with me. pm me and we'll work something out.
  4. mr_houston

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    Ok. Here you go: Timeless Al, 3one6, Rocca - Side by Side
  5. mr_houston

    Timeless Al, 3one6, Rocca - Side by Side

    I made a comment on the Timeless Aluminum razor thread that I find these 3 razors to be similar in efficiency. @Calm_Shaver couldn't imagine that anything could better his Rocca. I get it - it's great. But he asked if I might compare the 3 razors mentioned. Now, I have. For background, I...
  6. mr_houston

    Nicks and more nicks! Gillette "NEW DELUXE"......I don't get it.

    The New Deluxe is aggressive, but manageable. Just as you suggest with the Big Boy. I like the razor. However, there is the Criterion model, which I believe you have. It shaves differently than other Deluxes. It has the handle that is attached to the base. Mine is extremely aggressive...
  7. mr_houston

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    I have always wanted to try a yellow-green thuri. Just received this 6 inch thuri bout from @hatzicho . It really feels great to use. Slurries easily. The top surface is a rectangle, and the rest is odd shaped. Works well in hand. I’m still figuring it out.
  8. mr_houston

    Mystic water shave soap

    I find the MW soap scents are pretty straight forward and simple. They smell as described. It’s one of the things I appreciate about them. She has several great floral scents, even for me as a man. 2 of my favorites that are still in inventory are: Rosalimone Lily of the Valley.
  9. mr_houston

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    I received a second batch Timeless yesterday and had my first shave this morning. Polsilver as my blade choice. I started carefully to avoid pressure, as warned of here. As the shave progressed, I really did not feel the need to change my normal technique. I got a very close shave with no...
  10. mr_houston

    Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

    I continue to be impresses with my GC 84. It’s the only razor I would consider getting a backup of.
  11. mr_houston

    Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

    I believe that the original 84 was completely flat across the bottom of the base, but is now hollowed out a bit (84p). They dont sell the original anymore.
  12. mr_houston

    Be Careful Buying from English Shaving Company

    Oh, please don’t. I believe that we are able to buy goods from this company at great prices when we buy in pounds. I am afraid that we will lose an opportunity if someone tells them about this error. For example, those 3one6s are listed at $120 in the US. In other words, I believe this error...
  13. mr_houston

    Speick Shave Stick vs Cream

    This is my experience as well. Superlather with both is a nice alternative.