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    Help with a crack

    Final pic. Still a working brush. Better knot than the Simpson best - Shave Forge HMW in 22mm. May need to take 3mm off the knot height still. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Good tip. Thanks @Gamma
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    I like jimps. However they are a pain to get rust off when restoring an old blade.
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    Lather Bowl Design

    Great suggestions here. My input would be dimensions. Approximately 4 by 2 inches plus or minus.
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    Sr problems

    Another thought for the OP. Maybe you just need to get your SR mojo back, esp if it has been 4 months. I have been shaving with DEs for the past 6 month on some newly acquired razors. I put a straight to my face a couple of weeks ago and shredded my face. I’d forgotten just how sharp they...
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    .22 Conversion Kit

    I have the cmmg conversion kit. It works well and is easy to set up. You need the mags that go with it. I bought it when I was stocking up for during the Obama days like everybody else. I haven’t used it much, though. My 10/22 is more fun with my kids.
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    Unscented alcohol based splashes

    My standard home brew an unscented alcohol based splash. It has 1/3 Everclear and 2/3 unscented Thayers with aloe. The Thayers already has glycerin in it also. Then add menthol crystals, if you like.
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    Help with a crack

    Here you go Jim. Shave Forge HMW knot.
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    Wolfman order changes?

    I initially signed up for a 1.15 SB head only. I finally ordered a full razor with dual comb 1.15 sb - 1.25 sb and a hollow WRH2 handle. So glad I made the changes
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    The Mühle R41 (Twist) is the BEST razor in the WORLD!

    I bought an R41 with the white resin handle. I really get great shaves from it and like the light weight handle. I have an R89 Twist from some time ago. I remember being so impressed with its beauty and with the Twist system. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds!
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    Binning Blades When Land Traveling

    I carry mine back home as well. Don’t want to hurt anybody
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    Help with a crack

    Well, that was a fail. The Jb Plasticweld is clear, so the brush looks bad. Nonetheless, it should hold together fine for my personal use. I still need to sand down the glue when it fully cures. On a brighter note, I bought a used Shavemac Synthetic for the handle. I’ve always admired these...
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    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    250 blade sleeve of Wizamets. Because I think Polsilvers really may be discontinued and these are just as good and cheaper these days.
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    Help with a crack

    Ok, here is where I am. I drilled a hole at the end of the crack so it wouldn’t spread, esp while I am working on it. Used a 1/16th bit I use for straight razors. Next, I cut the crack with a diamond dremel wheel. Mostly to the get the previous glue out. I bought the JB Plasticweld that...
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    Anyone know anything about the Weldon Two in One razor?

    I don't see what is "two-in-one" about it. Any idea?