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  1. mr_houston

    Need a brush with better handle

    Resin handles are plentiful on shaving brushes. If you are ready to spend a little bit, I love the shape of the Simpson Colonel.
  2. mr_houston

    What Have I Done

    Somehow! 😀 .... that tends to happen to us alot.
  3. mr_houston

    Witch Hazel before Aftershave...Astringent or Toner?

    Same here. I replaced alum in my routine with Thayers unscented toner. It’s also great as a base for homemade aftershave.
  4. mr_houston

    Why not an actual inkwell?

    Absolutely, why not?
  5. mr_houston

    Some basic questions that I probably should already know the answers too

    I agree that every body thinks they have a coarse beard. To find out, you need to go feel some other mens faces. Rub up and down, side to side. Get up close and observe their faces for swirls and other problem spots. Don’t forget right under their noses and below the chins. When you get out...
  6. mr_houston

    If you could only have 3????

    I keep a large stock of soaps and a small stock of aftershave. In order of how often I use them: 1) home made unscented splash with menthol 2) Lucky Tiger, with menthol added 3) Nivea Sensitive balm Honorable mention goes to Floid Vigoroso
  7. mr_houston

    Good Deeds...

    I met a 30 year old homeless guy on corner a few weeks ago. I decided to give him $2. He asked me how I was doing. I told him I was on the way to a cancer treatment. He told me he was sorry to hear it and that he would pray for me. He’s trying to get his social security info straightened...
  8. mr_houston

    What makes a safety razor smooth and efficient

    I would add rounding and polishing to the criteria, esp now that we have so many CNC machined razors. Timeless OC razors area great example. When I received my Game Changer OC, I polished those teeth smoother, and it is a great shaver.
  9. mr_houston

    What’re you 3 favorite SMELLING soaps?

    1) AdP Colonia and many of the many clones. Like the OP, this is largely based on memories of a special trip I took with the wife. We stayed in a hotel that used AdP for all its bathroom supplies - soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and lotions. I got the cologne for my last birthday. 2)...
  10. mr_houston

    Run on Ammo?

    I was curious from this post and went to Academy yesterday. Sure enough, lots of guys buying ammo. They had a limit of 3 units per customer. I bought 3 boxes of 20 g target loads at normal price so I can still take my daughter shooting. I stocked up pretty good a few years back.
  11. mr_houston

    Resting Lather

    Yes, I notice this too. But, I always thought it was from face lathering after my bowl lather. Meaning I bowl lather a bit, then face lather a bit. When I pick up my brush again for a second pass, it is richer.
  12. mr_houston

    Let us know what you think!

    The handles look great! Heads look good too, depends on performance - drag.
  13. mr_houston

    The Big PIF (ends 3/21/2020)

    Very generous! A great way to pass along the misc. items. Not in.
  14. mr_houston

    Are there objectively bad products?

    I'd have to say that Rockwell razor blades fit your criteria. They make great razors, though.
  15. mr_houston

    Personna Israeli Reds (Red Packaging)

    After sampling blades when I started out, I bought Personna Reds and GSBs. I love them equally. Of course, I've been through many blades since then. But Reds and GSBs are the standard I judge other blades by.