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    Lady Gillette Beginner - Which Blades?

    5 years ago, I gave my wife a mint Lady Gillette (light blue). Today, she pulled it out for the 1st time and wants to use it. She’s never used a DE. I’ve got a lot of different blades for her to try. Which do you recommend for her?
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    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    I just won this Sergey Cherepanov panel pipe. It looks like it will be light weight. I love that hexagon shank.
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    These bad boys showed up today

    Good luck. You’ll do great.
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    WTB Wolfman WR2 SB =)

    Wolfman make great razors. Have you decided what razor gap you want on it? If not, you probably need to do some research on the Wolfman threads. Here’s a good one:LINK
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    In stock tobacco thread

    Thanks. I just took advantage with a couple big tins of Telegraph Hill.
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    August 2021 Acquisitions

    I bought an estate Chacom Cap Blanc 118 on the auction site. I just finished cleaning it up for smoking. The stem has darkened over the years, as show by the light rectangle where I assume there was a sticker. I really like the butterscotch look.
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    In stock tobacco thread

    There’s 4 tins left of Savinelli 145th Anniversary at Payless Cigars and Pipes. I’m late to the game, but smoked some at our Houston Pipe Club meeting Fri night. Bought 8 tins on Sat. Morning.
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    August 2021 Acquisitions

    I just got back from vacation and had received these from the recent GL Pease sale. I am exploring VApers to cellar.
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    What tin/jar are you cracking?

    I just cracked a tin of Kajun Kake. Never tried it before.
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    Unexpected Treasures

    I suggest you start with a Virginia blend, then a mid-strength English. St. James flake then Yenidge Highlander.
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    July 2021 Acquisitions

    That’s a handsome pipe, esp with the 4 brass bands.
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    Smoking Pipes 15% Off Sale on GL Pease

    Thanks on the Pease heads up. I bought enough different VAPers for free shipping. Last call is tonight.
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    July 2021 Acquisitions

    I haven’t bought a nice pipe in years. This one came up on a favorite pipe forum last night and I had to buy it. That blue and purple stem got me. It’s from a new Russian carver named Andrey Kharitonov. Here’s some of his info: LINK
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    Do you rinse between passes?

    No. I can’t see any reason to. Plus, I use a preshave that I don’t want remove, if any is actually left.
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    What tin/jar are you cracking?

    Not tins, but a friend sent me some samples. He was supposed to send just a sample of Fillmore, but considered that I should try the rest as well.
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