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    LATEX Matresses

    My wife and I bought a latex mattress from SleepEZ (www.sleepez.com) and have loved it. Completely customizable for both sides of the bed, so my wife, who's a stomach sleeper, has medium-soft-soft layers, and I, a side sleeper, have firm-medium-medium layers. Ours is a mix of dunlop and talalay...
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    The Pea Coat

    I bought one of these last year after a lot of searching, and I've been fairly disappointed so far. It is very warm and definitely seems durable, I will say that much. But these things shed like crazy. Everything you wear it over will be covered in little wool fuzz. I attacked mine with an...
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    WTT: My ATT Kronos R1 for Your Feather AS D2

    The ATT R1 is my first stainless DE and I'm just finding it too aggressive for my face. Would like to give the Feather AS D2 a try, and I'm hoping there's an owner of one looking for a more aggressive stainless steel DE of the same calibre. Have shaved with my R1 5-10 times and it's in...
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    Prospectors Gold Rush Hair Pomade

    It's a little hard to quantify, but a single scoop with my index finger, which is my standard amount for a waterless pomade.
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    Prospectors Gold Rush Hair Pomade

    I tried this stuff for about a full work week and loved everything about it but the smell. It's the classic barbershop scent that most reviews describe, but it wears extraordinarily potent on me. Strong sillage EDT level of potent. My girlfriend isn't a fan of powdery scents so I figured I'd...
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    Duke Cannon Soap?

    For some reason they buried the ingredients listing on the "contact" portion of the website: ALL NATURAL TALLOW SOAP BASE, COCONUT OIL, WATER, HARD WORK, FRAGRANCE, AND STEEL CUT OATS
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    Duke Cannon Soap?

    I bought a 5-pack of the "black" scent a few years ago. The smell and performance are great, but I find that they stain the shower tub black unless I scrub it down pretty hard every week, so I haven't made it through more than one of the bars. May or may not be an issue with the other colors...
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    Where can I buy cheap whey protein online?

    Have a nearby Costco / Costco membership? They recently started carrying 6lb bags of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold, which is typically a great value protein, for a lower price-per-serving than Amazon. If not, I'd say Amazon is your friend.
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    Sporting KC STH here. We've been hobbled by injuries (had to start our 21-year old 3rd string goalie for 3 games) and international call-ups during the World Cup, but I think we're still in decent shape to make a playoff run. Was at Sporting Park for the championship game last year, and aside...
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    2015 Mazda 3 Sedan

    I have a 2007 Mazda 3i with 66,000 miles that I bought in 2010. I've had to replace an oxygen sensor, but otherwise no unusual maintenance. I bought it after test driving a Toyota Corolla, Camry, and Honda Civic. My honest impression was, and still is, that it's a daily driver for people who...
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    8 oktoberfest beers you should drink right now

    They left out the #2 rated Oktoberfest style beer on Ratebeer.com: Free State Octoberfest. Not widely available, but it's delicious.
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    Break out issue

    Neutrogena and several other companies make an anti-acne body wash with salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Maybe pick up one of those and see if it helps after several weeks of use. In my experience a trip to the dermatologist for even minor acne issues leads to a prescription for hundreds...
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    John Vervatos Vintage

    Vintage actually lasts all day on me with just two sprays, although it wears close to the skin by evening. The original Varvatos barely lasts four hours on me, so it was a nice surprise when I found this one to last much longer.
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    Where do you get your news from?

    HuffPost for breaking news, New York Times for Op-Eds and more thorough coverage, and (at least back when I had time to read the darn thing) The Economist for a deep dive into world events. I miss being on a college campus where all of that, plus the Wall Street Journal, was available for free...
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    Barbers and Beer

    This seems to be a trend in my area, with everything from PBR to a high end barber shop called Gents Place offering a full top-shelf bar to choose from (and at $38 for a haircut in the midwest they darn well should!). My place offers PBR but I keep scheduling my haircuts for Saturday mornings...
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