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    Titanium razors/handles?

    Here it is, what all of you have been looking for. A titanium razor handle, I own a bunch of UFO's and they are amazing :
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    What's your soap for today?

    Arko today!
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    A $100,000 cartridge razor?

    If anyone is spending 100k on a cart razor I would like to offer the following message to you..... You are ridiculous and how many gold toilets do you have? Followed by, what in gods green earth do you do for a living?
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    Has Tabac changed?

    Love the old woman's purse reference!
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    Ae pueblo natural bison leather

    great looking shoe!
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    How long does it take

    MY 2 cents : I have read so many posts on the wonderful B&B and feel that it all comes down to your personal skin. The first time I shaved with a DE I was in love, no poin, no cuts, nothing but shaving bliss and I was using a Edwin Jagger 89L. I now use either a Webber DLC , or ARC and sold all...
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    Visiting Japan - any suggestions

    Good call on this one
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day - 2012

    Today its Creed Aventus.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Captains Choice Bay Rum! Love how it makes my face feel
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    What is your favorite shaving brush?

    +1 for Loving wives!
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    What is your favorite aftershave or cologne bottle?

    +1 I have always felt this way too!
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    Tie knots?

    Agreed, a great example of this would be to compare the Donald Trump ties you can purchase at Marshalls vs. a Hermes tie. My Hermes ties are exqusite and are much thinner :)
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    The Never-Ending PIF PIF!

    +1 !!
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    UFO handles new prototypes the "Tornado" and the "Zeus" Land in Upstate NY

    I have gotten some requests to list the handles in the last picture. I only posted this to show the size of the Zeus, the pic came from Raphael and I have no idea what the other handles are. I imagine they are all around the 13mm-15mm width. The Zeus is second from the left (the largest)