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  1. MostaccioMan

    Open Comb vs. Closed Comb. Which do you prefer and why?

    Closed combs require a bit of pressure in my experience. OC requires a lot less pressure, but some razors might feel like a garden rake. I personally prefer the 'scratchy' shave of an OC, but do enjoy shaving with an EJ 3ONE6 as well, as it's one of the few razors with a safety bar which is...
  2. MostaccioMan

    Pretty razors & combos

    Reminds me of an ancient bronze Gillette my great Grandfather got in WW1 when he was in France (he was part of the army conscripted from India). I didn't really find out what it was called, a Tech or whatever, but I was the one who finally broke it. Not a great shaver, but I guess by the time I...
  3. MostaccioMan

    Pretty razors & combos

    I was torn between the red and the blue, but my wife said I already had the tortoiseshell R41 and she wanted some color in the bathroom...
  4. MostaccioMan

    Pretty razors & combos

    I haven't seen a thread on the prettiest or the most aesthetically pleasing razors that people own. Thought I'll start my own here. Pics do count a lot here. They're my pretties and also happen to be my top 4 favorite razors with their respective blades which work best with them. That's the...
  5. MostaccioMan

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Thank you. I just used up all my credit with my wife getting a pair of wholecut Oxfords during the holidays, so I'll never hear the end of it if I get myself a new watch now. But I've ordered the C65 Super Compressor for my brother's wedding gift. Hoping to get one for myself later this year
  6. MostaccioMan

    Watch Ya Wearing

    I've only ever worn 1 watch, my trusty Seamaster But this Christopher Ward has me tempted for the first time in 5 years! Now I'm looking at their collection and biting my nails! :001_tt1:
  7. MostaccioMan

    New to DE and... scared!

    Welcome to the forum! Your razor looks like the R89, which is a pretty mild razor. I'd suggest you don't try fixing your 5 o'clock shadow all in one go until you've dialed in your technique, meaning don't go Against the Grain when you're still new to DE shaving, especially around the mustache...
  8. MostaccioMan

    is there anything as confusing as 7 o clock blades

    Been using the greens and yellows for the last month. The yellows have been consistently bad with my R41, 3ONE6 and 39C. I've repeatedly ended up with cuts and weepers chasing a BBS, which is strange, since folks usually say they're better than the greens. YMMV. I've had better luck with the...
  9. MostaccioMan

    What's the most satisfying part of shaving to you?

    As a dedicated face latherer, I have to say building up the lather (especially with a Boar) is the most satisfying part of the shave. Also, mowing down a 3 day stubble on an R41 with a Nacet during a cold shave. Few sounds compare to that crunch of rough whiskers meeting cold steel.
  10. MostaccioMan

    🐗 Decemboar. Yup. It’s a thing! 🐗

    This thread made me get a boar for the first time and I've been using this thing for the last 2 weeks. Merkur 39c Slant with Feather blade Goodfellas Smile King Hog Speick shave stick Nivea sensitive The Plissoft Monster on the end is just to show the size of this brush, its easily...
  11. MostaccioMan

    Polsilver Razor Blades

    I feel sad for all the folks who miss Polsilvers. I joined the forum about 2017 and folks here made it sound like they made shaves feel like playing a game with a cheat code. They were so much better than other blades, the only blade even comparable in terms of fan-following was a Feather. Not a...
  12. MostaccioMan

    Speick shaving soap.majorly under-rated

    After using creams all my life, I finally started a thread to get some recommendations for soaps. One of the most recommended was Speick. Deutsche Post finally deigned to deliver it yesterday. The lather was probably the most luxuriant I've ever been able to whip up on my face. And this comes...
  13. MostaccioMan

    Soap recommendations for oily skin

    Anything with tea tree oil is very good for acne. Although its pretty rare to find a shave soap or aftershave with it. The closest I could find was this post from ages ago
  14. MostaccioMan

    Soap recommendations for oily skin

    As someone new to B&B 4 years ago, I thought I was doing it wrong by using alcohol aftershaves. Seemed like everyone but me here was using balms. Then I had to give them up after I'd used them. While my face was quite soft and hydrated, it was a sponge for all the dirt I ever encountered...
  15. MostaccioMan

    Soap recommendations for oily skin

    An update on my search - After many recommended it, I've ordered the Speick stick and should be getting it soon. The most recommended one was in fact the Martin De Candre, but I want to see if I prefer soaps over creams before spending £43 on it. With the lockdown coming to an end in England...
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