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    Diary of a non-dominant hand shaver.

    Long time since I've added anything to this. Got a ming shi adjustable (future clone) 6 months ago that seems to take any form of guess work out of shaving (in the same way that multiblade cartridge razors are meant to?) that just makes every shave a breeze. Also got my father back into safety...
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    Ming Shi 2000s futur lookalike

    I used to go through blades quickly but slowly got my technique to the point where I could do 30 plus shaves per blade - and like you don't feel they are broken in for several shaves. I don't think my technique is at fault here, I use a shallow angle and let the weight of the razor (heavy) do...
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    Ming Shi 2000s futur lookalike

    I think that's what I got mine for assuming that A is AU?
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    Ming Shi 2000s futur lookalike

    I've been d.e. shaving maybe 4-5 years now I think. I've been overall happy with the concept but I've had an 'interesting' path and have never gotten 100 per cent satisfied with everything. (At it's worst it is about 8 times as good as multiblade or electric stuff). I've been through several...
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    Total Newb....pondering the switch from electric to DE

    Blades are a rabbit hole. Get a few different ones and see what works for you. I like Silver Blue and don't like Astra myself - but I tend not to like a lot of blades that the majority like.
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    Is there any reason why I shouldn't leave the blade in the razor?

    In most cases, no reason. It's probably good to give your razor a clean now and then if you do though.
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    The sputnik is a gillette blade. I like them, they are one of the best blades I have tried but that is not necessarily an endorsement for other faces as most blades I like others don't and vice versa.
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    First use of a Voskhod.

    I'm one of those on the other side of the fence. I don't like them much at all. I can get an ok shave out of them but it takes a lot of extra work.
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    Most comfortable blades

    I will add one thing to this. Get a base line blade as well as razor - I used a shark stainless that I kept going back to between tests as a base line. (3 days with a new blade, 3 days with base line blade). Your memory can get foggy if you keep going from blade to blade - having something...
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    Most comfortable blades

    And here is where ymmv. I find that swedish supersteel is not only the worst rapira blade made, but one of the worst blades I have used period. Derby are worse, so are dorco. I have kept trying to go back to them based on reviews such as this but find them horrible.
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    Most comfortable blades

    Blades are too much an YMMV item for certain recommendations. For me the most comfortable blades I've tried are GSB, Shark stainless, Sputnick and asco orange (and I've tried a lot of blades). I generally do better with a less sharp blade - yet I'm absolutely fine using feathers.
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    Post your razor blade comparison chart!

    I am obviously not everybody.
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    Diary of a non-dominant hand shaver.

    I still hate swedish supersteel. It starts sharp and rough. 3 shaves in it's blunt and rough. Got blood every shave (not much - but compared to my usual none).
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    TENTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2019 Edition

    I didn't get to a last shave last night. Ran out of time and will use a new blade tonight. I don't know how many shaves from this blade but over 20 and less than 30 I think. If I had to I could keep it going at least 5-10 more shaves. I really like a blade now after a few shaves in - which I...
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    Diary of a non-dominant hand shaver.

    Ran a shark blade for longer than I normally would because I jumped in the end of Feb 1 blade month. I didn't count but well over 20 and near 30 shaves from a single blade (compared to 3 or 4 two years ago when I was writing in this regularly). That being said, I am going to give the swedish...
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