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  1. Mogaert

    What is your blade gap on your Wolfman WR2?

    My first Wolfman is the 1.25 WR2 with solid 90mm WRH2, and couldn't shave with it without drawing blood. My next Wolf is the 1.05 WR2 with the Darwin handle and it wouldn't cut my beard. I ordered my third Wolf 1.15 WR2 with the hollow 80mm WRH2, and while waiting for it I switched handles on...
  2. Mogaert

    Timeless Slim vs. .95 and Even .68 in My Experience

    I agree with you 100%! I find the slim to be more nimble, but more blade feel and not nearly as efficient as the .68 or the .95. The Timeless SS .95 scalloped is my favorite razor!
  3. Mogaert

    Old routine no longer works: advice for modification?

    I've been DE shaving for about 7 years now, and your current routine is exactly what I worked into! Hardware and software. I'm in my 50's with white stubble that used to be black. The only difference I can tell is that my shave results do change with the season. I'm not sure if the humidity...
  4. Mogaert

    Timeless .68 Scalloped vs .5 Slim Edition

    I'm sure my opinion is different than others, but here it is. I've tried every Timeless, and I'm in love with all the .95 gaps. The slim seems more aggressive, but not nearly as smooth or efficient as the .95 in my opinion. The bronze is worthless to me, and I prefer the weight of the...
  5. Mogaert

    So I go to buy some delrin washers for my Timeless razor...

    I never went back to the .68 after trying the .95 baseplate. You might have found your new favorite razor!
  6. Mogaert

    Gamechanger .84 is in stock

    The GC .84 is an amazing razor for the money. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Mogaert

    Man mower

    There might be a few people who would rather pay a few bucks in shipping rather than $90+ USD just to try it. I participated in a pass around on another forum to look at a razor- I didn't even try it, I just wanted to see it.
  8. Mogaert

    Timeless VS Wolfman

    I LOVE the Timeless .95! It is the razor I go to when I want a great, worry free shave. The Wolf 1.25 feels miles more aggressive to me.
  9. Mogaert

    Hilarious Advertisement

    That IS funny! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Mogaert

    Man mower

    I ordered one for a pass around if someone else will handle the pass around.
  11. Mogaert

    Timeless VS Wolfman

    I also love the Timeless .95 as an everyday razor, and asked the same type of questions about which Wolfman gap to get. I was advised to go 1.25 gap, but that turns out to be too much for me. When my next slot comes up, I'll be ordering a 1.05 gap.
  12. Mogaert

    Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is the best $12 you'll spend on gear

    This! I shower shave and much prefer placing this bowl on the tiny ledge in my shower opposed to ceramic.
  13. Mogaert

    Starting to like sharper blades after your technique progress...

    The more experienced I become, the more I prefer a less sharp blade with a larger gap razor.
  14. Mogaert

    The best shaving decision I have made

    I'm in the same boat. I haven't touched my harem of Timeless since getting my Wolfman. It's definitely a honeymoon stage, but we aren't getting along too well. I got the WR2 SB 1.25 and it seems a bit too much for everyday use. I'm starting to miss the care free shaves of my .95 Timeless.
  15. Mogaert

    Best all round razor that is made in USA

    I have to agree with the folks that answered Timeless. The SS and Ti razors have a unique and distinct look, plus they are amazing shavers. The cutting angle is intuitive, and you can almost go on "auto-pilot" while using it. This is a great razor for new DE shavers, and for more experienced...
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