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  1. MO1

    Honing/Shaving Question

    How does it tree top? If it's weak, go back to the 8k with light pressure once it tree tops well, go to the jnat and try to keep the slurry a little more wet. Maybe you used to much slurry or let the slurry get too muddy.
  2. MO1

    0.1 CBN - Why Wasn't I Told Sooner!

    The info I got from you Jim is that he uses it on leather glued to a piece of glass. I applied my cbn to balsa after letting it dry and mixing it with ballistol to get an easier spread. I don't find the edges too sharp though, it feels like I get a bump in sharpness and forgiveness, I did not...
  3. MO1

    True wedge

    Sandpaper, hollow out that son of a gun.
  4. MO1

    SR Shaving Someone Else

    I think @kohalajohn has some experience with this, when he gave free SR shaves in a clown mask. :straight:
  5. MO1

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    If it's water soluble cbn, like Ken's, I recommend spraying it in a cup then let it dry then add mineral oil. Much easier to get a thin even spread on the balsa.(I used ballistol) Share your thoughts aswell please^^
  6. MO1

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    It changes it, sure. But I still have the haze left from the jnat and it feels almost the same but more like a push in the direction of forgiveness and sharpness, it feels enhanced. After all not alot of metal is removed after the jnat. Taking in to a plastered chromox balsa, then yeah I would...
  7. MO1

    1st shave of Coticule

    Maybe I'm just bad with my coticule or maybe coticules differ alot but my smoothest and sharpest edges are off jnats(I usually run it 25 laps on 0.25 diamond balsa and then 0.1 cbn balsa, that takes the edge to an unreal level). The edges of my coticule that I've done are quite rough, the...
  8. MO1

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    Going from jnat to 0.25 diamond then to 0.1 cbn balsa gives me an even more forgiving edge than the usual jnat finish I can do. And the sharpness well, I usually used 2 hands for my upper lip ATG, now I use 1 hand and stretch with the other for the fools pass and it's easy and comfortable. I...
  9. MO1

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Wow. How many stones do you have?
  10. MO1

    SR Shaving With Non-Dominant Hand?

    Impressive! If they do need honing and you want to learn how to hone, buy a vintage razor to use as a beater razor. You don't want to mess up a family heirloom. Don't forget, a strop is a must!
  11. MO1

    Spots on Jnat

    Can you feel or see the spots affecting your edge? If not I wouldn't be too worried. But if they do affect your edge, all you can do is pray and start lapping past them in hope you won't find more of it.
  12. MO1

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    I think he was referring to the stray scratches, but those could be there before as they only seem to be on one spot of the edge, as the rest of the edge looked pretty clean. The stone does have some suita characteristics by the looks of it, sure. But looking at the back and the sides I'm not...
  13. MO1

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Asagi is usually referred to the color of the stone. The range seems to be wide. Although performance-wise asagi is different. As the performance is different from asagi and mizuasagi(info about performance is from murakami, who I have bought a few stones from here in japan) . I don't own a...
  14. MO1

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Yeah I really don't understand how one can make that simple statement by just looking at the stone, let alone what's 2mm under the surface. I have 1 damn fine and hard suita and it gives my razors a nice finish. All suitas or stones don't behave the same, although most seem to be fast (if I'm...
  15. MO1

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Nice! You could also use your other jnat on it to generate some slurry and see how that works^^