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    Custom clone

    @Ricksplace That is a cracking looking razor !!
  2. missingskin

    Gillette Rocket HD

    It's nice to see that our friends over the pond can spell "aluminium" correctly if they have too ....:lol: I have both the Gold and Paperclip Rocket sets and have tried shaving with both and like you I find they are too light and you can find yourself applying unneeded pressure during your...
  3. missingskin

    Gillette Rocket HD

    I have to admit I have owned and still own a number of English Rockets in various guises (HD,LD,Paperclip, #58 and F/T) and have never got on with any of them. Some I have parted with and some I keep just to look at. A very nice looking razor but not for me. I like the shaves that the flat plate...
  4. missingskin

    darwin razors

  5. missingskin

    Favorite Aristocrat?

    Just because I can............I also have a couple of US Aristo's and a Popular and Jnr.........
  6. missingskin

    Gillette Tech- England

    As it was all sealed open the blade pack and check the date codes. I agree with edgar 50's / 60's crossover. Looks like it may have been made for a Grooming Kit.
  7. missingskin

    #15 boycott!

    You could of course live in England where these are found everywhere, along with all the Aristocrat range.........:lol:
  8. missingskin

    Does Ikon slant = Lutz?

    Is it just me that doesn't like the blade tabs to be covered I think it adds unnecessary bulk to the head. I have never nicked myself in many years of shaving with the tabs.........:001_huh: On the subject of the slants, I have a few that I use a lot inc both Mulcutos and find them to be superb...
  9. missingskin

    Gillette Bostonian - how do I open it?

    What Edgar said its just washing up liquid, Palmolive will work just fine.
  10. missingskin

    Gillette Bostonian - how do I open it?

    Dawn = Fairy Liquid in the UK, washing up liquid.......... :)
  11. missingskin

    Another English Tech .

    I am with you on this one, the Long Slot Tech is harder to find but not rare. I also have a Hybrid Tech and a few others in my stash. I have a soft spot for these and the English "New" range they are very under rated razors and I hope they stay that way so the prices will stay low......:)
  12. missingskin

    Another English Tech .

    I found another one like it but it got lost in the post.......:angry: I should add I like English Techs and News and collect them when I find a different one...... this looks like another 40's Tech but it is slightly different ?
  13. missingskin

    Question about a Goodwill.

    Thanks for all the info guys, it looks like I have a Canadian Special Goodwill #175 ..............nice to know..... :)
  14. missingskin

    razorock stealth

    I have one of the 1st releases of the Stealth, but I had to sit at my computer hitting shift R to get it plus I had it in the basket ready to go. So when they became available I just hit pay. I think I have one of a handful (?) that made it to the UK. I have just checked and I did a review on it...
  15. missingskin

    A new NEW thread. Name this NEW?

    If the case has no engine turning on it then you have the correct case for an #88 set. The razor came in 3 cases, a brown bakelite case, a green bakelite case and a plain metal case.
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