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  1. mio_cuggino

    Clubman Classic Vanilla > The Original Clubman

    I've never tried it, but based on your comments I may. I'm glad you found it so enjoyable.
  2. mio_cuggino

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Simple ricotta omelette, roast with spread, coffee. Have a lovely Sunday.
  3. mio_cuggino

    A thank you to everyone.

    How lovely. And so well deserved. A testament to the folks here. This brightened my day. I hope you and your loved ones recover soon.
  4. mio_cuggino

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

    Penhaligons Sartorial in the AM, Creed Aventus in the PM
  5. mio_cuggino

    Attention Lamy guys!

    Enabler! Oh, and thank you.
  6. mio_cuggino

    Another MdC Giveaway

    Is that a wee dent I see? Perhaps just a mirage.
  7. mio_cuggino

    Returning to Fountain Pens

    Those green inks are lovely. Keep us posted on your progress.
  8. mio_cuggino

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Toasted rhye bread with ricotta, hard boiled egg, yogurt, and black coffee. Happy Monday everyone.
  9. mio_cuggino

    Soap Commander "Love" thoughts and opinions

    Once you try it, let us know what you think. I'm sure you're in for a treat.
  10. mio_cuggino

    Banana Republic Neroli Woods is Excellent

    Well, this is most unexpected. No, never tried it. Now I will keep an eye out for it. Thank you for the heads up!
  11. mio_cuggino

    Hot weather formal fragrances

    I would second Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. And also suggest Armani pour homme
  12. mio_cuggino

    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Tim Hortons dark roast in a French press. Good stuff
  13. mio_cuggino

    I think I need to accept reality.

    Woke up early today. Too early. Made breakfast. Sipped my coffee. Read this thread. And I am now ready to slay giants today. Many thanks and rock the *** out of this week.
  14. mio_cuggino

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Egg in a hole, toast, yogurt and black coffee. Have a good morning everyone.
  15. mio_cuggino

    Getting rid of some scents...

    Some nice goodies... It may depend on where you are located.
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