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    TGN Finest or Finest F2

    Did either of you receive your Finest F2s yet? If so, how are they?
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    TGN Finest or Finest F2

    I called TGN recently with a few questions. I did ask about some of the knots said or used to say XH. He said that he requests all his knots to be packed with extra hair. We were mainly talking about finest so I don't know if he meant all finest are packed more per his request or all the...
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    TGN Finest or Finest F2

    I am thinking of replacing two brushes. One a 18mm and one a 22mm. A family member has the Finest and loves it. Anyone experience the Finest F2? Any other knots you would recommend from TGN or other sources that is currently in stock?
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    What happened to Shaving Essentials?

    Any word yet on shaving essentials? anyone hear from John? did those people be their money back?
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    What size knot to buy?

    Would a dremel work well? So if shoeboxshave states my Omega Boar 10018 has a 23mm knot. Wouldn't 22mm without any modification?
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    What size knot to buy?

    I am going to replace two brush knots with new ones from TGN. One brush handle is vintage. The the other is an Omega boar that I never liked. The vintage I am measuring about 19.125mm using a tape measure. The omega I believe is supposed to be 23mm but I measured about 22.25mm. Is it better...
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    Nancy Boy's Ultramarine Night Cream

    I am looking to replace my Loccitane Cade Youth Concentrate. Is this stuff better??
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    Likes and Dislikes on Mama Bear Soaps

    Weird I never had any reactions to mama bear soaps (knock on wood) BUT Honey bee soaps all burn my face.
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    Healthier: Drinking 3 beers 5 days a week or 6 beers twice a week.

    I know better not to drink that much these days ;)
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    Healthier: Drinking 3 beers 5 days a week or 6 beers twice a week.

    I am starting to think of my overall health long and short term. I am in my mid 30s and have been drinking alcohol on average twice a week since I was a since College. Most of the people I know drink more than 4 drinks on Friday and Saturday and usually have a beer or two after work during...
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    EJ sea buckthorn

    I also have the soap. Lathers great and it smells pretty good (a little to sweet smelling for me but not bad).
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    Autumn/Winter cream choices

    I have and love TOBS Rose. The weird thing is my Rose cream has always been very firm. Most of my other creams (AOS, Speick, Proraso) are all very soft almost like toothpaste while my TOBS Rose is firmer closer to butter.
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    How to order a cocktail the way you want it?

    Ok I ordered two last night. I know a Perfect Manhattan is equal parts sweet and dry vermouth but last time I specified that to a bar tender they didn't know what the perfect part meant. Last night I said "I would like a Manhattan with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth shaken with a cherry...
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    How to order a cocktail the way you want it?

    I don't order cocktails typically when I go out to eat. I usually just order beer. Tonight I am going out to eat and I am in the mood for a cocktail. In the past I usually just order an Old Fashion or a Manhattan. I let the bartender make it their way and 9/10 I am dissapointed. I usually...
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    Why Speick Why!

    Wow. Time flies. I guess this probably just changed my post. I have had bottle it looks like almost 2 years. I better start using my stuff more generously