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  1. Mike in Cincy

    FT Looking for a Gillette Tech for trade

    I'm wanting to downsize my gear. I am looking for a silver 50s Gillette Tech fat handle (the mild one) to trade for the items below (does NOT include the badger brush seen in the photo) Tech must be in great shape. Maybe throw in some Feather blades if you have them. Thank you for looking...
  2. Mike in Cincy

    Fujifilm cameras and sharpness

    Then is has to be something to do with my settings if it happened to both of those cameras. I find the ergonomics to be better with my Oly, so I may just stick with it. Now to get rid of the X100F to buy more M43 gear.
  3. Mike in Cincy

    FT Fujifilm X100F for M43 gear

    I have a very gently used Fujifilm X100F (black), with a Lensmate thumb grip, two styles of lens hoods and a half case (with original box and manuals) that I'd like to trade for Micro Four Thirds gear. Also comes with premium neck strap and soft shutter release. Items I would have interest in...
  4. Mike in Cincy

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    Wow, such toxicity(; For those who said there hasn’t been a good movie since ROTJ...watch Rogue One.
  5. Mike in Cincy

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    has anyone seen the new trailer? Thoughts? Theories? Speculation?
  6. Mike in Cincy

    Olympus 75mm question

    for those that have used or owned the Olympus m43 75mm f1.8, do you find the focal length too long for must uses or any regrets with purchasing it?
  7. Mike in Cincy

    Fujifilm cameras and sharpness

    I’ve now owned the Xpro2 and x100f and cant get the same amount of detail and sharpness out of those like I can with my M43 gear. Is this an Xtrans sensor issue or the camera’s film simulation software making things soft?
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    Wilkinson Open

  11. Mike in Cincy

    looking for soap for sensitive skin

    Can anyone recommend a good shaving soap for sensitive skin? One that DOES NOT contain harsh detergents, tallow, or any comedogenic ingredients? Something that is probably glycerin and aloe vera based
  12. Mike in Cincy

    large scale model trains

    It would definitely be indoors. I notice there is a lack of accessories and signals for the F-scale/G-gauge trains and thought scale-wise, O gauge equipment may do the trick.
  13. Mike in Cincy

    large scale model trains

    Can you use Lionel accessories and signals (o-gauge) on garden (g-gauge) railroads?
  14. Mike in Cincy

    Feather MR3 cartridge razor (w/ 3 blade)

    Just got done with two shaves using the Feather MR3 razor. One shave with a Palmolive shave stick and the other with Barbasol. I can't say enough good things about this razor. Both shaves were very comfortable, zero iritation. The beard reduction was so good after the first pass, it rivaled...
  15. Mike in Cincy

    Lee's Razors problem?

    Has anyone else had issues with shopping there? This is my third time making an online purchase with an issue. It's either an item is out, product delivery delay or lack of response to email. This time, its the two latter.
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