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  1. michaelskar

    What's your soap for today?

    Speick shave stick here
  2. michaelskar

    Buying TOBS and a bowl. Need help!

    Really any bowl will do...or you can just dip the wet brush in the cream a little and lather on your face (adding a little water to the brush if necessary as you build). You could also just get two bowls, put hot water in one and "float" the other on top for lathering...sort of like a double...
  3. michaelskar

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    TOBS shaving shop here
  4. michaelskar

    Your Favorite Lime Soap?

    For scent, I would second the vote for QED
  5. michaelskar

    8 hours from finding out if I'm chosen

    I am not a fan of the veg. Reminds me of the old c&e sweet almond oil. Just too "bathroomy." But that's my opinion...
  6. michaelskar

    Weird Bill O'Reilly tribute

    I can't tell if this guy loves or hates Bill O'Reilly. I actually think that maybe it is made with love. Either way, humorous enough photos of Glenn Beck and Bill (and the song is good). http://youtu.be/KWS4lR3Z6JY
  7. michaelskar


    IMHO, the AS is better than the EDC...lasts just as long (if not longer) than the EDC (though it is probably the record-holder for shortest-lasting scent). The AS is more citusy to me than the EDC. Good stuff, if you like the scent (which to me also is evocative of suntan lotion...in a good...
  8. michaelskar

    Bigfoot Fact or Fiction

    Ultimately, as many have sort-of pointed out, the burden of proof is on the believers. The basic mantra of the skeptic is that you can't prove that something DOESN'T exist. If you believe in these things, you have to prove it. Simply put, there is zero evidence for bigfoot's existence...
  9. michaelskar

    reconsidering Speick

    In my opinion, Speick is the best aftershave out there...scent and performance-wise
  10. michaelskar

    Florida Water

    FWIW, I believe the "florida" refers to florals...like flowers (not the state). It smells to me a lot like the "bay rum" part of SCS's Bay rum w/ a twist. In other words, it smells a lot like cola or ginger ale to me... Lasts about as long as 4711 (maybe 2 minutes longer), but it is very...
  11. michaelskar

    Barbershop Scent

    an aftershave splash will say "aftershave lotion" or something on it. The colognes will say EDT or EDC or something. The general difference is aftershaves are less potent/more watered down than colognes and aren't designed to last too long. But of course this is just a generalization... I...
  12. michaelskar

    CopaCabana by Barry Manilow

    That's funny... When I worked at a bookstore we had a Barry Manilow greatest hits CD as one of our instore plays...we would always play it when we wanted people to starte leaving (end of the night) or when we had too many "unruly teens." Works like a charm. It didn't go over so well...
  13. michaelskar

    Pipe Question

    I think you're talking about a "stinger." If you can remove it without damaging the stem, I'd say do it. They are supposed to catch moisture so your pipe doesn't gurgle...and to cool it, too (I guess). If this is not a stinger we're talking about......(a la gilda radner) nevermind
  14. michaelskar


    mine go just below the bottom of my earlobe. Of course, you have no idea how big my earlobes are. I voted for "long."
  15. michaelskar

    Proraso Pre/Post Cream Worth It?

    It may help a bit as pre-shave...but not enough to merit buying it if you're on the fence. Nice for the menthol cooling...but not terribly efficacious.
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