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Recent content by mhdagley

  1. mhdagley

    The Anything Thread

    You spelled it wrong.
  2. mhdagley

    Friday the 13th

    I thought the cake was a lie.
  3. mhdagley

    Happy birthday, Chuck

    Would it not be devolve?
  4. mhdagley

    Metroplex Gathering

    Count me in!
  5. mhdagley

    Circuit City Blowout!

    This is true. Its covered by AIG I think.
  6. mhdagley

    ??Anyone for a TX get together??

    Im in. We did one last year and it was fun.
  7. mhdagley

    New Standard Titles?

    Im posting this to see what my title is and to get closer to 1k
  8. mhdagley

    Ring Flash

    That is an awesome idea.
  9. mhdagley

    DVDs to IPOD

    Set it to run overnight. Torrents are slow. Just set it and forget it.
  10. mhdagley

    digital vs. film test on TV

    I was wondering if there was a large difference. I am torn between getting a film scanner and an enlarger.
  11. mhdagley

    The Anything Thread

    stupid dog always laughed at me.
  12. mhdagley

    The Anything Thread

    Wow me and you have a lot in common. I can just think about something and ya hours have gone by.
  13. mhdagley

    The Anything Thread

    what deal might that be?
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