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    Ginger's Garden

    I just ran across this site and wondered what opinions this group may have regarding her soap performance and scents. It seems like she is heavily into scent formulations. Any opinions on her after shave balms is also appreciated. I enjoy using small artisans and she is relatively local...
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    How many pens do you keep inked up?

    I own 14 and all 14 are inked. I won't own a pen that I don't write with regularly.
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    You can win a FREE Captain's Choice coffee mug - step right up!

    Sure.. I'm in. I use a mug every day and would be happy to provide some feedback. Damn.. Replied before reading the entire thread.. I'm a day late and a mug short.
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    whats your most expensive fountain pen

    Updated from my post from 2019.... (sorry about the bold text.. It's a copy/paste) Nakaya Portable Cigar Ascending Dragon 3 Ao-tamenuri
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    If you could only have one razor and one blade for the rest of your life?

    Cool thread to read through... For me? Timeless Ti .95 sb with a Nacet
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    Seeking deodorant recommendations

    I have found that L'Occitane is hands down the best non-irritating deodorant around.... By far. They have a standard stick and a lemon scented version that comes in a small tub for extra sensitive skin.. I keep both on hand and can highly recommend them both.
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    Body Soap of the Day

    Pre de Provence milk soap.... My favorite
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    Wet Shaving And Anxiety.

    I find that shaving, much like gardening, has zen-like qualities that I truly enjoy.
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    I'm replacing my MS Surface with a Chromebook. I understand that certain online media can hang them up. anyone have any insight? TIA
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    YOUR ADVICE on best soap & blades for coarse hair

    I've also got a coarse beard and find that Nacets work best for me. I use them twice and toss them. TIBS and Zingariman have been my best performers.
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    New razor desire - Blackland, Timeless, Carbon. Any others?

    I agree with @DaveHStone and you can't go wrong with a Timeless. My Timeless was my 4th razor in a progression of always looking for something better and this one is IT. I got a Timeless Ti .95 OC because when i bought it I was shaving aboout every 3-4 days. When I started shaving more often I...
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    Your favorite open comb razor

    For me, its a Timeless .95 OC. I use a scalloped plate if its been only 1 or 2 days growth... The OC is unbeatable for 3 or more days.
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    Smallest razor I’ve ever seen

    This showed up in the thrift store I volunteer for. What blade could you possibly use? My wedding ring is shown for size.
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    no forum for mugs so it goes here... :)

    his name was Sol(oman) Romm. His name is on the mug :)
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    no forum for mugs so it goes here... :)

    I've had my eye on this for eons and when I was able to visit my mom for the first time in a while she said I could take this home. My great grandfathers shaving mug from his time in the Spanish American War! It now sits proudly on a shelf in the bathroom.
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