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Recent content by Merle

  1. Merle

    What Tea/Tisane Are You Drinking?

    Rare Tea Company Waikato Oolong. Pleasant New Zealand experience.
  2. Merle

    Cross Bows

    Ravin R29X *opposite of the Wham-O*
  3. Merle

    So I go to buy some delrin washers for my Timeless razor...

    They're both wonderful shaves. Keep em! Enjoy them. vive la différence!
  4. Merle

    Kruve Brewler

    sighs... I've been waiting on a screen set for both beans and grind for most of the month of March. Out of stock is such a bummer these days. I suppose it's a killer for their bottom line too. :(
  5. Merle

    I think I need to accept reality.

    There is something to recognizing you can't maintain what you've got without a wee bit of attention on your hygiene. Don't sell that aspect short. I had issues with dry skin for years as a youth and young adult. Come to discover some of the soaps I'd used and the way I bathed weren't as...
  6. Merle

    Feather As D2

    Incredible and dense database of the members' experience with the AS-D2 recorded in the history of this website. A search is highly recommended.
  7. Merle

    Bought a Paladin. No idea why. But it's pretty cool.

    Brother, I know your pain, ...exquisite pain... The others may forgive you.
  8. Merle

    My New Pocket Pen

    might want to explore Fisher Space Pens. They make a number of different form factors for your needs and all use the pressurized ink cartridges which Fisher built its reputation upon.
  9. Merle

    Bought a Paladin. No idea why. But it's pretty cool.

    I have to say, I found myself accepting of many of my other acquisitions far easier than I did with the Paladin. The thing I kept coming back to was considering not so much the price but the prodigious work of badger and the fact it was just huge. You (I) would need to dump a lot of shaving soap...
  10. Merle

    Bamboo Fly Rod Project

    @EB Newfarm heh, like, I'm hoping the next, it's attached to a nice fishie picture (premeal). Rudy's right though, with the mastery of the wood fiber it's easy to take the mind off all the high-value finishing work that adds pure class to the spool and mounted line, tippet, fly.
  11. Merle

    Come along on "My Adventures in Decantery"!

    1) They lied! 2) Reminds me of an Alton Brown story I watched on one of His first "QQ YouTube podcasts" ( I coulda told him the rim below the metal crimp cap was too tall for a good sabre.) Glass and sparkling wine - E V E R Y where! (Poor doggie. Ya had to see it) 3) If I make 'cuts' I also...
  12. Merle

    Best emergency meals.

    Since the madness started I've hated how it seems MtnHouse is just so dang expensive. (Or, maybe it's more like I hate I can't spend that kind of money no more?)
  13. Merle

    How to save an over abundance of Rosemary

    I cried ...two months after we had to cut down a beeuuutieeeful 10 foot tall and wide rosemary bush when I REALLY realized what I'd lost.
  14. Merle

    Best Shampoo for Gray Thinning Hair ?

    ok? so,... like Rogaine? is that a thing for us'n that r too late? can it bring life back to the dead of head? ah... no that's not - dead-head. tho I do like a good afternoon funk once in a blue moon. back on-topic:
  15. Merle

    Come along on "My Adventures in Decantery"!

    Tangential: I've got a pretty Shalamar bottle which is near empty and a full refill bottle with a spritzer on it, what do I? how do I? can you tell me? I wanna get the great perfume out of the plain vial and put it into the pretty bottle. What am I missing? (Other than 10 minutes standing at...
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