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  1. Merle

    RIP Jerry Stiller.

    "Meara! Honey, I'm Home!" God bless You, Annie & Jerry.
  2. Merle

    Why i hate and love you

    ...don't you even think about learning tea... (jus'say'n)
  3. Merle

    smoking cessation, uncharted journey for me

    Good journey to you, go for it because you realize with smoking you will eventually cut short your time with people you love, keep you from things you like to do, and maybe realize you don't have to do it to fit in with other people. Welbutrin was a psychological shock to my system. It...
  4. Merle

    What line of work are you in?

    I really wish I could get everything together to recreate the equipment I had back when Janes Sims were new and the Apache Long Bow was my favorite flight sim on the PC, people like Thrustmaster built quality stick, throttle/collective, and foot pedals and the world was a wonderful exploration...
  5. Merle

    Barrister and Mann: Seville (Excelsior)

    Will has been developing his nose from the beginning. He has had the good sense to work with professional noses who have done very well indeed overcoming the requirements, the differences, between aftershave bases and soap bases. Add because he appreciates the perfumer's alchemy his efforts in...
  6. Merle

    Thoughts on dive watch complications

    I like my Speedmasters, I like my Seiko automatics, I like my Bulova quartz in a 1000 ft rated case... I like many watches. Thank Gawd I can't afford as many as I'd like... darn it.
  7. Merle

    Timeless razor

    I have a Hone in Ti which is a matt surface, and it seems to be the drag coefficient is higher than that of others I have owned with polished surfaces. Since I tend to be a top of the cap rider, it's effect is noticeable in my shaves. How the Timeless product affects the shaving pull depends on...
  8. Merle

    What is your acquisition disorder of choice?

    I believe its more along the lines of a well-heeled traveler, One doesn't know the world by only going to three or four towns near your parents' home. You really haven't a clue until you've been, at least, on every continent. But, really, that's only a beginning. oh dear, it seems I've given...
  9. Merle

    What is the most comfortable, mild DE razor?

    There you go! Until you can do a side by side with both, this sounds like a good answer. As to Simpson brushes. Keep an eye on the BST board and you may find a brush at a price point you can swallow. Or, meet someone local who has one or two Simpson brushes and see what they seem to be like...
  10. Merle

    What is the most comfortable, mild DE razor?

    I tl:dr, too excited to reply. What is the most comfortable, mild DE razor? "The next razor blade combination you buy!" (maybe?) I know there are many good suggestions above. But I can easily give good cred to a Feather AS-D2. With just about any blade in it, that geometry of construction is...
  11. Merle

    What is your acquisition disorder of choice?

    Maybe it's time for me to set back my stash of double edge blades in a sealed, moisture-free environment and start a subscription to One Blade. That way, I'd be confident the blades and razor handles I have now would be there in case the world has, oh, I don't know, a hurricane, or maybe a...
  12. Merle

    What is your acquisition disorder of choice?

    When I realized that I had more brushes than days in two weeks; and at least seven of those were really high quality, satisfied my every wish, then I stopped needing brushes. Razors, oh dear, now that's possibly a boat anchor chained to my legs and ready to sink the effort!
  13. Merle

    3 of 4 (that I know of)

    Not that I own a Rolex, but I do have a number of very well made watches. The difference, Timex to most others, is fit and finish. And sadly there are many watches at the prices Timex asks which have far better today. But to the original question: CASIO are highly accurate quartz. Seikos are...
  14. Merle

    Anyone here a woodworker?

    Very very nice work Jason! Great sampler.
  15. Merle

    What is your acquisition disorder of choice?

    I'm of the mind: If there isn't an aftershave made to go with the shaving soap, someone missed the boat! How can you be assured of enjoying the day's shave hours later? It's not only the faceturbation, it's the fleeting whiff of fragrance too that makes the day!