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  1. Merk61

    What facial hair style do you sport?

    I normally have a goatee but I decided on November 1st to try for the one-year beard, no trimming. The picture is June 30th so 8 months. So far, very few complaints from the wife.
  2. Merk61

    How old old were you when you first shaved?

    13, my dad told me I needed to start shaving and gave me his old 2 headed electric Philishave. I only lasted for a month before it burnt out. I switched to a Trac II.
  3. Merk61

    Are you going to shave your facial hair now.....

    Not me. I'm actually going for the Yeard(almost 5 months), so it's not coming off. Dale
  4. Merk61

    Head Shavers: How Often?

    Fridays, one pass with a Gillette gold plated Slim, clean up with a Dorco 2 blade cart. Dale
  5. Merk61

    Sultan of Silver

    Just wondering if anyone here follows George Bruno and the majesty of his Yeard? I think I have been inspired to stop shaving or trimming for a year to see how long my beard will get. Now I just have to convince the wife. Dale
  6. Merk61

    Beard Trend

    So I reside in Southern Ontario, just to give geographically context. I have seen a marked increase in men growing beards and it is seems to be across the age spectrum. Oh and to add, I noticed this for the last year, give or take, so I don't think it's just a winter thing. Just wondering what...
  7. Merk61


    My dad started me on an Electric 2 headed Philishave at 13 years old. It must have been old cause I blew it out in a month. I moved onto a Trac II, found that electric razors never gave a close enough shave. After that I tried every cartridge razor available, trying to find a decent shave, all...
  8. Merk61

    Movember 2019

    Basically just doing the no-shave November until the wife tells me to shave the full beard back to a goatee. Dale
  9. Merk61

    Soul patch

    I've always called the soul patch, "the tickler" (for her pleasure).
  10. Merk61

    When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

    I have the goatee but my kids tell me moustaches are for cops or pedos.
  11. Merk61

    Identify - Gillette or non-Gillette?

    It has the patena of being vintage.
  12. Merk61

    1957 Gillette Süper Speed Blue Tip

    Me too Twelvefret, although I was 13 when my dad gave me a worn out electric Philishave with 2 heads and said, "here you better start using this". I think I had it less than 2 months before the motor was burnt out. Dale
  13. Merk61

    Identify - Gillette or non-Gillette?

    My son was given this razor by his girlfriend and the only mark is a stamped 66 on the inside of the top plate. Does anyone have an idea of maker and what era? Dale
  14. Merk61

    D-I-Y Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    Wow, lots of great ideas from a community of fine gentlemen, thank you guys. Dale