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    The latest wood turnings. ~SNAKEWOOD~ *Nicest* wood I've ever worked with [PICS]

    Awesome brushes! I also loved the scorched one, it looks fantastic.
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    Beaver brush?

    Wow. Been a while since I've signed on. What do I find? This thread first. Beaver brush FTW.
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    My Table Leg Brush

    That's cool! It looks very nice.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

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    Check out the new brush!

    Nice brush and yeah, Rudy's da man.
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    Inherited a new brush!

    That looks very nice. I like how "natural" the wood looks, opposed to a real dark or overpowering stain. Excellent restore!
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    Molten Bronze Handle for WD 16 mm

    The color looks great, nice work.
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    What's your soap for today?

    MdC in the wooden bowl
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    Titanium (6al-4v) + Silvertip knot

    Those are awesome, nice work.
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    Pics of my first restore, Ever-ready 250T

    Very cool, looks nice.
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    Jet Lathes + Free Shipping

    I just found that has Jet lathes 15% off and free shipping from March 1 through March 11. The link is below:
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    Ever Ready 300 Restore

    Great idea and the brushes look fantastic. Nice work!
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day - 2013

    Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
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    Pre-shave soap, the myth in shaving

    Never used Mr. Glo but I definitely lather up a shave soap in the shower and scrub my face, then when I get out, I shave with a different soap at the sink. I started this to work on getting rid of my excess inventory and found that I get a better shave overall by doing so.
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    Recent Restos

    Fantastic job. Love the Albright and 200 too.
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