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    Ever-Ready streamline

    Great write up!
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    Ever-Ready streamline

    I don’t have a working caliper so I pulled out my wife’s kitchen scale to see weight differences. First up shown here is the GEM Jewel coming in at 49g Streamline Gen2 39g Gem Jewel stropper handle 41g Ever Ready Streamline Gen2 stropper handle. The GEM jewel handle is...
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    Ever-Ready streamline

    Hey bud beautiful razors! Would you mind measuring the center of both the handles’ necks on these two lovelies?
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    FS Tucker Gunleather HF1 OWB Holster for SIG P220R/P226

    Does this have a safety strap?
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    Ever-Ready streamline

    Awesome! I hope you everyone has an excellent shave.
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    Exciting Craftsman find at the Flea Market Today!

    Wow that’s freakin cool!
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    Dropped my chrome plated razor

    Spar varnish would help, but the price of the varnish is close to what a new 34c would cost. I agree with one of the above comments, to use it as a travel razor.
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    Ever-Ready streamline

    I’m not sure what blades you used but I found that the coated GEM blades worked best for me, it took me about three strokes my first use to find the angle but once I did it was smooth sailing. I’ve shaved with it maybe a handful of times and my shaves have all been enjoyable. Just give it some...
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    Simpson's Chubby 2

    I’ve not had my CH2 best in a couple years but I’ve ordered brushes directly from Simpson within the past year and there are no shedding issues to report. I know there were issues in the past but I haven’t heard anything about this more recently. I say if you wanna give a CH2 best a shot then...
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    Who's Your Grail?

    The one razor that was my first grail and my most memorable because it took me the longest to acquire was the WR1/WRH2 first time I seen that razor on SOTD photos I absolutely fell in love with the looks. I will admit that I’ve had better shaves from other less expensive razors but this was a...
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    Best Newbie Kit for Wife

    I first let my wife use a Fatboy which she loved. I got her a blue lady Gillette to try out and she didn’t care for it. Then I got her a Blackbird OC and that’s the one she’s used ever since with Rapira stainless blades and she’s never looked back. I also got her two M&F blonde badger brushes...
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    Raw Shaving closing its doors?

    They sold out at Bullgoose as well. Both the Rs-10/18 are still available at Neiman Marcus last time I checked.
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    Raw Shaving closing its doors?

    I only heard of them within the last three weeks or so and only because of a SOTD photo. It intrigued me I won’t lie but a couple things kept me from going for it (RS-10). 1. I didn’t care for the engraved top cap logo. 2. The razor handle was too “industrial” looking. But then again, I also...
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    Just received my PERSONNA “BBS-0”

    Here is the complete Personna, notice how the top cap goes past the guards. Covers the blade tabs completely Here is the BBS-1 baseplate with the Personna top cap. Notice the over hang. BBS-1 top cap with Personna baseplate. You’ll notice the baseplate here extends past the BBS-1 top cap...
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    Just received my PERSONNA “BBS-0”

    Very cool to look at. Thanks for sharing this. I was playing around with the Personna and BBS-1 and it was pretty cool to see that the parts are interchangeable. I’m sure though because of the head design it would also fit other Tech style heads as well. The difference though is that the...