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  1. mdc

    Smoked Turkey

    Looking good, John. I'll season the bird and get it in my Egg by 10 am for dinner service. The one trick I learned from a smoked turkey recipe was to cool the breast with a gallon freezer bag filled with ice 30 minutes before cooking. It helps the bird cook more evenly so th breast isn't at...
  2. mdc

    Parmigiano-Reggiano tools

    Which exact Microplane model is best for parmigiano? Sorry to hijack but folks here seem to know.
  3. mdc

    Help! Best blades for Oster 76 and how to get a smooth taper

    Hi folks. A new Oster 76 clipper arrived on my doorstep and I'm glad I bought a tried and true work-horse. I'm going to try cutting my own hair because I'm busy with work and kids so cutting hair on my time seems convenient. Also I like the challenge. My question is about blades. The clippers...
  4. mdc


    We make them a couple times per week. We like fruit (pears, or peaches, or berries), 3-4 kale leaves, almond milk, cucumber, 5 dried dates, tablespoon each of flax seed and hemp seed, small handful of raw pumpkin seeds. Avocado works, too. I add water to get the consistency I want, then blend...
  5. mdc

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Beautiful! Takedas are at the top of my list.
  6. mdc

    Can you recommend a good meat grinder?

    I can only say good things about my LEM 3/4 hp grinder. I had to order another grinder plate for more range in grind size. I also picked up a foot pedal to help make it easier to turn the unit on and off when loading strips of meat. I like that it takes inch wide strips and it's built like a...
  7. mdc

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Speaking of cast iron; I'm tempted by the 17-inch Lodge double loop handle pan. I picked up a couple of serrated knives. I never got into my 8-inch Henckel bread knife, so I bought a Victorinox rosewood handled 10.25-incher for crust loaves and baguettes-but I expect it to come in handy quite...
  8. mdc

    What's Cooking, 2015

    Leftovers never tasted so good. Home-smoked brisket--steamed to heat through--on a toasted bun with mayo and Tabasco splashed on top. This was lunch and I had another for dinner.
  9. mdc

    The Thin Blue Smoke Thread VII- BBQ at the B&B 2015

    +1 on the beef ribs. I can almost taste them!
  10. mdc

    leg of lamb

    One of the reasons I like a boned out leg is because cooks so quickly on the grill. But I've since wondered about braising bone-in legs. When a the bone is removed, there are a few glands that are removed in the process. They're supposed to be off-putting to the pallet. How are these glands...
  11. mdc

    Immersion Blender?

    Nothing beat my Bamix when I had it. They make a couple lengths and the shorter one was fine for me. It's powerful and the head doesn't clog. Gets as smooth a consistence as seems possible with an immersion blender. I gave to my brother a few years ago because nothing gives me velvety smooth...
  12. mdc

    BBQ Squid: Ready go!

    This sounds great. A mesh basket might help if the calamari are small. It's easy to remove them all from the heat that way. Finish with a sauce of lemon olive oil, parsley, and a bit of garlic. Classic!
  13. mdc

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Thanks, fellas. I've got a fridge stocked with leftovers so I wasn't able to use it yesterday. Life is cruel that way. My 2 year old daughter beat on it with a rubber spatula but I'm not sure that counts. I could think of worse things to spend my money on. In fact, I can think of worse things...
  14. mdc

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Ordered a walnut end-grain butcher block from a shop on Etsy and it finally arrived. Weather has been an issue in those parts and the freeze slowed thing down a bit--totally understandable. The vendor is called Badger Butcher Block out of New Jersey. I ordered it 16"x22"x2". No branding. I added...
  15. mdc

    What recipe have you made from the Mess Hall?

    I've added a lot of equipment to my stockpile thanks--at least in part to--the wise folks, here. Everything from stoneware crocks for sauerkraut, to Debuyer pans, to cast iron, to a BGE, to carbon steel knives, to an end-grain cutting board, to a meat grinder. On the food side, I've already...
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