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Recent content by mctmatt

  1. mctmatt

    What's your soap for today?

    The Shave Dean Wheat Germ Shave Cream/Croap very nice!
  2. mctmatt

    Klar Kabinett shaving soap

    For last nights shave I brought this old school shaving soap out from behind several others stored in my shaving den. Man I forgot just how easy this stuff lathers and how luxurious the lather feels. It is ashamed that it has been discontinued as it was one of the best value shave soaps you...
  3. mctmatt

    What is the iciest of menthol soaps/creams that you have tried?

    OK I am just going to keep repeating to myself: "I am STRONG Disciplined Shaver with plenty of Shave Soaps to last a life time" ....Why is this not working!!!!!
  4. mctmatt

    What is the iciest of menthol soaps/creams that you have tried?

    Go with the Cream as it really is just a soft soap. Get a sample of the Ice Key Lime as it is Vostok with Key Lime scent. Enjoy.
  5. mctmatt

    What is the iciest of menthol soaps/creams that you have tried?

    QCS Vostok or Iced Key Lime followed by a nickle size amount of the 444 Gel mixed with Krampers Aftershave splash....talk about the Artic express!
  6. mctmatt

    Soap recommendations?

    I love Barrister & Mann http://www.barristerandmann.com/ and Queen Charlotte Soaps and Shave Creams which are actually a soft soap. I always ordre the cream. Same consistancy as RazoRock Shave Soaps. http://www.queencharlottesoaps.com/
  7. mctmatt

    Opinion Cella

    Fragrance reminds me of Cherry Dr. Pepper. Cella is a classic that continues to be one of the best soaps made in the world of Shaving Soaps.
  8. mctmatt

    looking for something menthol

    Hey guys just to let you know we are doing a July 4th Menthol Shave Day so pick your favorite and come tell us about it. Here is the thread started by PhilC. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/408408-Summer-time-and-Menthol-Madness?highlight=Summer+Menthol
  9. mctmatt

    Summer time and Menthol Madness

    I joined the thread for the Menthol 3017 scheduled to start on the 4th of July.
  10. mctmatt

    New to Soaps, Having Some Problems

    There could be many factors involved as it is very hard to diagnoise anyones issues when it comes to building great lather. My technique is pretty basic. I soak the brush then shake off the excess water. I go to ways at this stage sometimes I take the puck and rub it all over my face then dip...
  11. mctmatt

    Summer time and Menthol Madness

    I think that would be COOL (See what I did there). I am all in as I have both the Vostok and Iced Key Lime soap/croap. I shaved with Vostok last night and wow I forgot how strong that Menthol blast really is. I think a Menthol 3017 would be perfect for this summer and July 4th would be perfect...
  12. mctmatt

    Summer time and Menthol Madness

    Just north of Frisco TX about 10 miles right up preston road. It has not been to bad but today and yesterday were an indication of what the summer will be like. I have not tried Stirling, but Key Lime Ice and Vostok are two of my favorites and yes osage rub is one you will want to try. I just...
  13. mctmatt

    Summer time and Menthol Madness

    Hello Gents it has been quite some time since I have been thru these doors, but my love for DE shaving has been as strong as ever. North Texas is starting to feel the heavy breath of the sun's summer rays. With that I find myself reaching more and more for QCS Key ICE Lime and the cooling...
  14. mctmatt

    Man I love Cella!

    I love the simple statement made by Marco a few years back "Cella is Cella" and it has been that way for over a hundred years.
  15. mctmatt

    Menthol Soap

    Don't forget about Queen Charlotte Soaps as they have Iced Key Lime (one of my favorites) and Voshtok which both will freeze your face off. http://www.queencharlottesoaps.com/Shaving-Soap_c_18.html
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