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    1st shave stick... Now what?

    When I face-lather with Arko/Tabac I start off with painting strokes. Add a little water to the brush then paint, paint, paint until you've got an even cream. More water, more painting, working the water in evenly each time. Repeat until it feels like the soap is starting to get too runny to...
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    1st shave stick... Now what?

    At home my Arko stick lives out in the open, unwrapped. Doesn't seem to mind.
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    Other than traditional shaving, what other "old school" things do you do?

    Navigate in the wilds with map & compass instead of GPS. What's the point of adventure sports if you remove all the risks? The challenge is to understand the environment you're in, to learn new skills, and then have the discipline to apply these skills - no matter how exhausted you are, or how...
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    New to the straight razor world need help.

    You could try a cheap shavette which takes Feather AC style blades eg the Bluebeard's Revenge (the blade won't fit on the pins but friction seems to hold it in place just fine) or a Feather DX clone. A shavette with a sharp blade is quite difficult to master (don't even think about half-DE...
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    Vegan strop

    Cow & horse hide strops contain very fine abrasive silicates from the grass they eat. I think the abrasive grade is somewhere up around 60k? That's *very* fine. Most honing set-ups stop at 20k and under. The finest lapping film & diamond/CBN pastes might have similar abrasive properties. Eg...
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    Muhle R41 - Experience from a newbie on an agressive razor

    A traditional straight razor. Or a shavette. I wouldn't recommend shavettes which use DE blades though. DE blades are too sharp in a shavette. You can shave with them but you'll constantly be thinking about not cutting yourself instead of relaxing and thinking about cutting hair. Instead, get...
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    Female newbie looking for first DE razor

    Oops... didn't realise this was an old post.
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    Female newbie looking for first DE razor

    A lot of male razors are designed to shave stubble. For body shaving, I think an open comb is by far the better choice because they don't clog up on long hair like a safety bar design, or at least not nearly as much. The Muhle open comb is very mild, eg the 15C. There are a few different models...
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    Questions about using a shavette ATG

    Every pass you make will knock your stubble down a little more. Your low angle pass seems to be shortening the hair enough that you can get away with a higher angle on the next pass. Personally I hardly ever try to go against the grain with a shavette or straight (maybe on my neck where you...
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    How long until aha?

    As well as a light touch, try slower strokes. Sometimes people have a tendency to scratch at their face with short, fast strokes - imagine a dog scratching its ear with its hind leg. That's the sort of frequency I mean. It's asking for trouble both because it's inherently clumsy and because it...
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    Struggling On...

    Here's a left-field idea: get a straight razor or shavette. I was still learning how to use my first DE when I bought my first shavette. After a bit, when I picked up my DE again, the shaves were as smooth as butter and I couldn't for the life of me figure why it had ever seemed difficult. It's...
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    Made my own strop.

    Veg tanned is the main one, AFAIK. I'm trying to learn - definitely not an expert - so take everything I said with a pinch of salt.
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    Made my own strop.

    Have been looking into making a strop. A good one is all about the leather. My research so far (unconfirmed by peer review ;) ) * must be veg tanned *not* chrome tanned * butt leather is the best part of the hide * heavier leather is less prone to cupping 8-12oz, or 3.5mm thick and up * a hard...
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    considering an open comb for the first time

    I have a Merkur open-comb, the travel shave 985C with short, two piece handle (they all have the same head). It's a beautiful little razor. Very mild. I'd have to try hard to nick myself with it. With a sharp blade like a nacet I get a lovely, buttery-smooth shave. Despite being mild in terms...
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    How Much Time

    A get-out-the door shower & shave with a DE razor is about 20 minutes. Maybe double that with a straight. I can scoot around my face with a mild safety razor but a straight can't be rushed. Maybe more experienced scrapers can but not me. That's not what it's all about anyway. I reach for a...
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