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    unknown brush brand

    The handle looks similar to some Cold War Mühle designs.
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    Shave sticks for traveling

    Arko does very well in hard water — as long as you use enough soap and plenty of water. If you have trouble rinsing or your face feels dry after the shave, use even more water next time.
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    Mennen Shaving Cream 1919

    Use caution if you come across any of that Kora-Konia stuff. Apparently it was a mix of borated talc and powered zinc stearate. The latter ingredient is not acutely toxic but has been associated with respiratory problems.
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    Palmolive stick

    By the sound of it the soap wants more water. I have only ever face-lathered Palmolive — after all it is a stick — and only the European version not Australian. I apply the dry stick to wet face, then lather with a damp brush, adding water to the brush as I go along. In my...
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    New here

    Welcome to B&B!
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    King C Gillette Memorability

    Welcome to B&B! As a gentle reminder, please familiarize yourself with the rules at — especially this one: 7. B&B is not an appraisal site. As such, asking values here isn't acceptable behavior. All B&B members, asking and answering, new or...
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    OC Head

    My bet is also on an optical illusion. But it might be possible to get asymmetric teeth if the machinery failed in the right way. Here is how they did it in England in 1938: Operations on the Guard The guard is machined from an extruded brass strip of the approximate cross-section, the...
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    The smell of the fat reminds me of Christmas Past

    The scent is supposed to be a "fine, fern-like fragrance based around Patchouli, enhanced with extracts of Lavender, Pine and Clove and with notes of Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk" (Kent soap, which appears to be a rebranding). The scent on my stickified puck is faint. I can...
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    Alternative to scrubbing bubbles in europe

    The dose makes the poison. Keep the exposure brief and you can get away with just about anything. Soak it overnight and you can get into trouble with just about anything. Safety_razor_maintenance has a table of cleaners and possible risks.
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    Trader Joe's soap-croap ?

    The full kit has also been discussed at As far as lather goes, this might be a "use more product" situation. I find I have to use at least two grams and my water is fairly soft. With harder water or a larger brush I would...
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    Reloading blade dispensers

    See also Refilling_Razor_Blade_Slider_Packs on the wiki.
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    Howdy Everyone!

    Welcome to B&B!
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    Super Speeds vs Krona

    Only approximately, by looking at design features. Similar situation to the NDC 40s style Aristocrats, but with even less certainty. The wiki page for the Schick Krona describes one way to organize the available data.
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    Gillette Old Type- Thick or Thin

    I guess I opened this can of worms. Maybe I can seal it back up by providing that verifiable history that I mentioned? Click on the image for a zoomable version, which is easier to read. This May 1918 article comes from The Blade, the Gillette internal newsletter (both of you probably know...
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    Gillette Old Type- Thick or Thin

    The thinner caps bent easily when dropped. Customers blamed the product, and the company responded by making them thicker. Technically that is speculation, not history. But I think it is pretty well grounded in verifiable history, and it fits the pattern of development from Old to New...