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  1. maxTesti

    New stainless DE recommendation?

    I find I have to pay more attention to what I'm doing with the Rocca than the 6S. It requires very little pressure. I only really started to learn the art of putting little pressure after I got the Rocca. It forced me to. The Rocca is very smooth and efficient. I had a four days growth and it...
  2. maxTesti

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Muhle Rocca / Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow (1) Great shave.
  3. maxTesti

    New stainless DE recommendation?

    Based on your first post, I'd definitely rule out the 6S. I'm hesitant in recommending the Rocca because it's not an easy razor to use. I still can't handle it. When the shave is good, is really good, but when is bad is really bad heh. If your technic is solid, the Rocca is a fantastic razor.
  4. maxTesti

    Muhle Rocca vs Edwin Jagger 3ONE6

    FTFY :thumbup1:
  5. maxTesti

    If you were me, what's the next DE I could try?

    If you haven't tried it already, for a quick, smooth shave you could try a slant (i.e. 37C, Lo Storto, ...).
  6. maxTesti

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Merkur 37C / personna platinum (3)
  7. maxTesti

    From Muhle R41 to Merkur 37 (Slant)

    Same here. I shaved with the 37C today, after shaving with the Rockwell 6s R5 and the Rocca for the past few weeks. It feels much milder but smoother (much smoother XTG). In comparison, it feels like it's not cutting much - and I'm wanting to put more pressure which is a mistake - but it is...
  8. maxTesti

    What To Get Next...

    I started DE shaving with a couple of very mild razors and almost gave it up; then I got the 34C and wished I'd started with that.
  9. maxTesti

    Best $100 DE Razor

    I have the Rocca and the Rockwell 6S and 6S R5 so far is getting more use.
  10. maxTesti

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Rockwell 6s R5 + Gillette 7 O'clock = awesome shave
  11. maxTesti

    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Rockwell 6S R3 Muhle Rocca R96 Merkur 37C Muhle Rocca R96 Rockwell 6S R3
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