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    The oldest coupon you've ever redeemed.

    Not me, happened to a friend. I was in the group though. My friend is one of those guys who never cleans out his wallet. I mean NEVER. It looks almost like a "Costanza" wallet (of Seinfeld fame). This happened when I was in high school. We were sitting around one day and started bugging him...
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    Anyone else here ditched the TV?

    I only need my TV for playing Destiny 2 on Xbox.
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    What are some of your favorites that you don't wear in public?

    I have samples from Agar Aura. I highly recommend his oils. They are amazing. I do have some sandalwood oil somewhere too. Should find it and see how it wears.
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    What are some of your favorites that you don't wear in public?

    I only wore Oud oil to work once. A very small dab. My co-workers could smell it as soon as I entered the room. they said it smelled like I was at a bon-fire. I remember the oil was very smokey but I didn't think it smelled like a fire.
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    Curiosity Got Me to Peek Into the Nib, and Now it Begins

    I forgot how much fun fountain pens can be. This post is inspiring me to get back on it and fill up those pens!
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    I prefer savory snacks and most likely will go to Ketchup chips if i have them. I'm not supposed to be eating sweet things (Dr's orders) but every once and a while I crave Rice Krispie treats The best of the best though is a nice bit of blue cheese on a water cracker.
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    What are some of your favorites that you don't wear in public?

    I wear Oud Oil just for me. It can be very strong.
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    Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall….Fragrances!

    I find I'm being pulled into wearing Kanon Agarwood. It's inexpensive and I've gotten quite a few comments on it. Definitely for the fall and winter. Its a really nice warm, woody scent.
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    ben1611's Entry to the Hall of Fame

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    Finally warmed up a bit - time to get the smoker ready

    I'm jealous. We are in a major deep freeze up here. No smoker any time soon. sadness.
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    Roast Chicken Leftovers

    This is going to sound out in left field, but I made some savory waffles with sage and whatnot. Hot chicken on top and gravy. Really good. Maybe it's a common thing in some areas but not where I live.
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    The Grip/Section of the pen

    For me it's just a "feel" thing. The metal is cold and unfriendly. Probably my favourite material is ebonite.
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    The Grip/Section of the pen

    I'm just gonna flat out say it. I don't like holding on to a metal pen. I don't mind if the body is metal, I don't care too much about the cap material, but the part you actually hold on to (grip or sometimes just called the section) has to be something other than metal. Ebonite! Acrylic...
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    I gotta be crazy

    I love the Pilot inks. I've pretty much worked my collection down to only Pilot and Montblanc inks. Of the two, I prefer the Pilot inks.
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