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  1. mattdenicola

    Wolf Whiskers knot help

    Not sure if he still stocks them, but he used to have Shavemac knots in addition to TGN. The Shavemac knots at each class are indeed a bit nicer than the TGNs, most noticable in the two band silvertips. If you're getting a Finest knot, the TGN Finest knots are excellent. While I think the...
  2. mattdenicola

    H.I.S Shaving Brush

    I like your idea of lowering the loft. I bought one years ago but hated how floppy it was. Insanely soft. But almost unusably floppy.
  3. mattdenicola

    Rapira Platinum Lux

    Platinum Lux are my all time favorite blade. Nicely sharp, smooth, and last quite a while. They just feel like nicer blades than the other Rapiras, but who knows.
  4. mattdenicola

    Vintage blade finest vs WD high mountain badger

    I really like TGN Finest knots. I also like TGN Super Badger knots, though it seems I am a bit of an outlier regarding the Super. Those would both come in under $30. But again, I haven't tried the WD High Mountain, and maybe it is an amazing knot. For more money, if you can get ahold of a...
  5. mattdenicola

    Vintage blade finest vs WD high mountain badger

    You can't really go wrong either way, but they probably aren't the knots I would choose. I haven't tried the WD High Mountain, but I've heard nothing but good things. I did indeed have a 22mm Vintage Blades Finest. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, but there wasn't anything special...
  6. mattdenicola

    Dark Holler Design Works preview

    I'm definitely hoping to land an ivory PK-47. I like them all, but the ivory looks incredible. And I imagine photos are only hinting at how amazing it looks in person.
  7. mattdenicola

    Opinions on Razorock XXX

    Face Feel: XXX > Mike's Protectiveness: Mike's > XXX Post-Shave Skin Conditioning: XXX > Mike's Slickness: Stirling > XXX Unsolicited opinions: -- In the RR line, I lean heavily toward the Tallow+Aloe formulations and the Argan Oil Formulations. -- For me, nothing is as slick as Stirling...
  8. mattdenicola

    zed117's Year of Stirling

    Will be intrigued to follow along here. Long time Stirling fan, but I've accumulated so much that I haven't placed an order in some time. I will be interested to hear about all the new scents. Also ... something needs to be said. I'm not usually one to make crude jokes ... but that line is...
  9. mattdenicola

    The Latest Restores

    The Drake is a beauty. Exceptional work!
  10. mattdenicola

    Question about The Golden Nib

    General consensus is that TGN Finest knots are a great value for the money. I personally find them to be equally soft to the Premium/Grade A Silvertips, but with far better backbone. TGN Silvertips are either too scritchy (standards), or way too floppy (premiums). Everything I have read...
  11. mattdenicola

    Who got a "Goose?

    I contacted them regarding my lack of invoice recently. It seems there were some delays in the process, which is of course inevitable. Anyway, I was assured that I am indeed still on the list, and they are working hard to get through their list. If you send them an e-mail, they will get back...
  12. mattdenicola

    Why NOT Tallow?

    For reasons that I do not actually know, I just seem to prefer tallow. I've tried so many soaps, and I honestly have stopped paying attention to whether a soap is tallow based or not when I acquire it. Much less do I really remember which is which when I randomly reach for one from the...
  13. mattdenicola

    Help placing the new knot

    Place the knot in the collar and then place it upside-down in a vice or book or some other contraption. Then fill the collar with epoxy, and be careful so as not to fill the threads. Once it cures, you will be able to screw the collar back onto the handle. Scroll down a bit here for pictures...
  14. mattdenicola

    Collaboration brush

    Incredible stuff. Unique to the market for sure. Eagerly awaiting with PayPal ready to go!
  15. mattdenicola

    Need some help restoring a Rubberset 400

    Yes I think you've got it right. Some defects are just quite deep. I would just shine it up using your progression to high grit paper followed by rubbing compound/plastx.