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    marosi12 reacted to nicobie's post in the thread Yaqi slant head with Like Like.
    I've got the same Yaqi slant on a Icon handle and my experiences are the same as yours. It's now my favorite set-up. Way better than the...
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    marosi12 replied to the thread Yaqi slant head.
    I have not tried either of those. I am left handed and for years kind of stayed away from the slant setup thinking that it would not...
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    marosi12 replied to the thread Yaqi slant head.
    I did not know that fatip even made a slant head. I just took a peek at it on Maggard's site and it looks beautiful, very tempting, so...
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    I was unable to figure out how to post this in the reviews section (the gold button to add a review was not present for me, perhaps I...
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