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  1. mark3d

    Something better than Wahl Bay Rum

    awww i just came here to post how much i love Wahl bay rum. The scent along with the pure ingredients make me think its a recipe from days gone by. For a bay rum to be better it will really have to really knock my socks off :) Keen to try others though, thanks for the suggestions in this thread.
  2. mark3d

    How many times a week can you shave ATG with your straight?

    zero..my wirey stubble just doesn't allow it. i can do quite aggressive XTG though. .
  3. mark3d

    Australian Shaving Supplies

    the above might just be my opinion... :blush:
  4. mark3d

    Australian Shaving Supplies

    You really shouldn't accept or encourage the emailing of credit card details, especially the security code. I'm sure your intentions are honourable; it's just not kosher. .
  5. mark3d

    How to Strop and How to Know if you rolled the edge?

    i found that a few different styles of razors improved my stropping. each needs a slightly different, yet similar, technique. the similar bit is the important part (e.g. turning the razor between the fingers, not turning the whole wrist). also i apply enough pressure to ensure the length of...
  6. mark3d

    Just ordered my new digital camera

    great pic. is it on an auto ISO setting? if so the ISO might be too high (the higher the ISO, the more light captured, but also the more noise). .
  7. mark3d

    Gold Dollar reviews

    Yeah they rust easily, but I think that's due to being high carbon steel. I would love to know the percentage of carbon. .
  8. mark3d

    Have we reached the zenith of shaving technology?

    I think straight razors are the peak of shaving technology. Such a sophisticated tool in terms of design and materials technology, yet elegant and simple at the same time. Just like a lightsabre :a45: (never thought I'd use that emoticon :lol:) .
  9. mark3d

    Best Witch Hazel?

    you could try generic witch hazel (with 14% alcohol) first, at 1/3 the price. i did that, using it as aftershave splash, and am yet to try anything else... :001_smile Natural and cheap. .
  10. mark3d

    Just ordered my new digital camera

    I've got an FZ7 - very happy with it. leica/panasonic is a good combination! .
  11. mark3d

    Speik-ing of Shaving cream

    Speick cream could easily be my favourite lather generating product. .
  12. mark3d

    Gold Dollar reviews

    I know there are people who have used hundreds of razors, groaning about what a newb i am :001_tt2: but there's a review anyway, take it or leave it :001_smile .
  13. mark3d

    Gold Dollar reviews

    I have 4 razors - a gold dollar, and one each from solingen, sheffield and elikstuna, all bought from reputable honemeisters. The vintages are are great however the razor I keep reaching for, and get the best and most consistent shaves from is the Gold Dollar. They are amazing (not just "for the...
  14. mark3d

    Wetshavers are environmentally friendly... yup

    you obviously live in a wet area... .
  15. mark3d

    My dermatologist said . . .

    bingo :001_smile .
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