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  1. mantic

    Took A Little Side Trip in NY

    Dang...he does kinda look like me, doesn't he? :blink:
  2. mantic

    Would P&G sell TAOS?

    He sold AOS to P&G.
  3. mantic

    Would P&G sell TAOS?

    My bet is they'll be sold within a year. If eShave buys 'em it would be a case of shaving Schadenfreude :001_cool:
  4. mantic

    Who got a "Goose?

    I just might do that if there's enough interest for one.
  5. mantic

    Who got a "Goose?

    Got my 'goose a couple days ago and used it for the first time this morning, with a Feather Pro blade. A very good shave, though not BBS yet: the wider blade and a different blade angle compared to what I'm used to (Merkur Progress w/Polsilver blade) will take some adjustment. But a gorgeous...
  6. mantic

    castle forbes reduced price at royal shave

    That's a great price for CF. :thumbup1:
  7. mantic

    choosing new adjustable

    Another vote for the Progress... :)
  8. mantic

    Best Bang For The Buck Shaving Subscriptions?

    I'm starting to see more shaving subscriptions popping up--Wet Shave Club, Luxury Barber, Bespoke Post, etc. Not to mention Dollar Shave Club, Harry's, 800razors, etc. Which do you think offer the best value? Why?
  9. mantic

    Doctor Who - Warning, Spoilers!

    Relevant, Peter Capaldi video's a sweet response to a 9 year old autistic boy about dealing with death:
  10. mantic

    Village Barber Shaving Balm

    The balm is very good, especially if you have dry skin or live in a low humidity area.
  11. mantic

    How do you film yourself shaving? or doing an instructional video?

    As a matter of fact I'm working on a post and Youtube video about 'how to make a shaving video' :001_smile Preview: A "professional" setup isn't necessary (just look at some of my earlier vids! And I've seen several people successfully pull off a vid with a smartphone or tablet) but there are a...
  12. mantic

    lucky tiger liquid shave?

    I like LT's shaving cream (indeed, most of the LT line) quite a bit--I use it when I'm in a hurry. It's brushless but will work with a brush. Unlike Tony's experience I find the cushion fine and the lubrication better than a lot of other brushless creams. I find the scent one of those...
  13. mantic

    So you're supposed to hold the brush by the bristles?

    Thanks, I'll wander over there... :001_smile
  14. mantic

    So you're supposed to hold the brush by the bristles?

    Or you could just ask me about it. :001_smile You certainly don't have to do it that way but there are several reasons to give it a try. As alex2363 says it can keep the bristles a little stiffer for better control if you have a high-loft or floppy brush. But the main reason I do it is for...
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