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  1. Mandrake

    Gentlemen's Essentials: The Pocket Square

    This one from Kent Wang, with a white shirt, spread collar and french cuffs....
  2. Mandrake

    Suit Construction - Canvassing vs. Fusing

    That is a great explanation, many thanks for the link!
  3. Mandrake

    Sandals With Slacks - Yes?? No???

    Whilst in a cruise a couple of years ago, a guy wore a suit with a Football T-shirt and sandals for the "formal night"...the same T-shirt he wore earlier that day at the swimming pool, or to be more precise, inside the swimming pool....
  4. Mandrake

    7 Fold Ties

    I fully agree with you, it is a really good explanation, and also would like to see more like this about other issues, like fuse/bespoke, or fully canvased vs not, etc...
  5. Mandrake

    7 Fold Ties

    Have a look here for a photographic explanation of the 7 fold tie: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=94314&highlight=grenadine
  6. Mandrake

    Spring/Autumn/Fall Jacket

    If you like that style, look for a "M-65 jacket", you should be able to get them in a few colors, at least green, khaki, and black (plus camo).
  7. Mandrake

    Looking For a One-Handed Watch

    Meistersinger is another option: http://www.meistersinger.net/
  8. Mandrake

    How do you tie your necktie??

    This video has been my "Guide" for a while now: ZQQr09Ja1zY
  9. Mandrake

    Summer jackets

  10. Mandrake

    Opinions on this heavy black cowhide leather coat?

    Nice jacket, reminds me the Eastman Hartmann Luftwafffe:
  11. Mandrake

    Collar Stays

    Got a set of different colors, made by Hackett in plastic, last Christmas. But before, made a few from expired credit cards, as somebody mentioned above...
  12. Mandrake

    Le Grelot Hospital, what do you think?

    Forgot to add the pics of the razor once back from Max. I looks great, perfect mixture of old patina but with a great polish: And while I am at it, this is a Palmera he also brought back to life (pity is no longer a 8/8): The sad part is that they will need to find a new...
  13. Mandrake

    I just bought my dream watch

    Great watch, and never had seen that particular dial before....beautiful!
  14. Mandrake

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Wow, not sure what I like more, if this 1675 or the Dubow I just saw in another post...:wink2::w00t:
  15. Mandrake

    Leather Flight jackets....

    This one in particular is from http://www.surplus-shop.de , but you should be able to find a lot sources just searching in Google or ubay for "M65 field jacket" :wink2:
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