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    My current preferred Cartridge razors.

    Gillette Skinguard- Wilkinson Sword Protecor 2 Blades- Gillette Sensor- Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
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    Top three scents.

    1-GFT Almond 2-Mama Bears Honeysuckle 3-GFT Sandalwood
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    Unscented Cream?

    Sephora Shaving Cream
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    Mama Bear soaps

    I placed my order for the first time from her. I hope I will place many more in the future.
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    Sandalwood Creams

    I prefer GFT sandalwood
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    Had to go back to a cartridge for about a week now... thoughts

    I am on the Dark Side. I used DE (Muhle R89) for 3 months and left it last week. I restarted using Fusion Proglide. I do not shave ATG. Cartridges give me better shave with less irritation. DEs were fun but not worked for me. I surely will continue using brushes and soaps, I quitted gels and...
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    Your favorite opening 30 seconds to a song is??

    'This Old Man' STYX
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    Best Almond

    Geo F Trumper Almond Shaving Soap is the best almond soap for me. It has the best smell I ever met. Not just for almonds but best smell of all soaps.