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Recent content by mancho

  1. mancho

    The rarely discussed Derby USTA blade

    Derbi Usta is much more better than Derby Extra.They are sharper and give more comfortable shaves.
  2. mancho

    My current preferred Cartridge razors.

    Gillette Skinguard- Wilkinson Sword Protecor 2 Blades- Gillette Sensor- Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
  3. mancho

    Top three scents.

    1-GFT Almond 2-Mama Bears Honeysuckle 3-GFT Sandalwood
  4. mancho

    Unscented Cream?

    Sephora Shaving Cream
  5. mancho

    Mama Bear soaps

    I placed my order for the first time from her. I hope I will place many more in the future.
  6. mancho

    Sandalwood Creams

    I prefer GFT sandalwood
  7. mancho

    Had to go back to a cartridge for about a week now... thoughts

    I am on the Dark Side. I used DE (Muhle R89) for 3 months and left it last week. I restarted using Fusion Proglide. I do not shave ATG. Cartridges give me better shave with less irritation. DEs were fun but not worked for me. I surely will continue using brushes and soaps, I quitted gels and...
  8. mancho

    Your favorite opening 30 seconds to a song is??

    'This Old Man' STYX
  9. mancho

    Best Almond

    Geo F Trumper Almond Shaving Soap is the best almond soap for me. It has the best smell I ever met. Not just for almonds but best smell of all soaps.