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  1. MaineYooper

    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    As a gift, I received a Planetary Design BruTrek French press travel mug. I have used it a couple of times now and so far I am impressed. I was skeptical regarding how it stops the brewing process and traps the grounds, but it seems to do the trick. Very fine mesh and a mesh filter at the...
  2. MaineYooper

    Grinding question

    It's all in the name of Science! I had a similar journey a few years ago. And like getting into old school shaving, mornings have never been the same, but better and more enjoyable!
  3. MaineYooper

    Karve C.B. - Which top cap, widebody or regular and why?

    If I can remember, I'll try to take some when I next shave. I really like the wide cap.
  4. MaineYooper

    Top 3 Most Efficient and Smooth DE Razors ?

    Karve brass with B plate Gillette Tech (pre-War) Gillette Slim (J4)
  5. MaineYooper

    My First Vintage Gillette Slim J3

    Hi Peter! 5 is my favorite setting, efficient and smooth for my mug. I find 6 needs more attention, but I really liked to start at 6 then do 5. Adjustables are a lot of fun!
  6. MaineYooper

    My First Vintage Gillette Slim J3

    Thanks for the compliment, but I believe I have a way to go to be on your level! You got me my first Fat boy!
  7. MaineYooper

    My First Vintage Gillette Slim J3

    You are very welcome! May you use it in good health. Enjoy!
  8. MaineYooper

    WTB Karve Brass inkwell stand

    One is available in the BST, I see
  9. MaineYooper

    WTB Karve Gladius handle

    I am looking for a 3" Gladius handle (brass). Let me know if you can help me out! Thanks for reading.
  10. MaineYooper

    Gillette Slim - Karve Equivalent

    Haven't ventured past 7, but I typically use between 4 and 6. Using gap guides found here, and compared to Karve's list, I bought and use all the time now, the solid bar plates B and C. My Slim was my go to razor until I got the brass Christopher Bradley Karve razor. I know that doesn't answer...
  11. MaineYooper

    Post your first shaving kit when starting out on B&B

    No pictures, but the set was influenced strongly by this forum! Merkur HD 34C Blade sampler from Maggards, with Silver Blue Gillette blades preferred Badger brush from Amazon Several samples of soaps, with Mystic Water Soap Sensitive Skin being my first buy within 3 weeks!
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