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  1. MaineYooper

    WTB '64 Slim instructions sheet

    Great! PM sent.
  2. MaineYooper

    WTB '64 Slim instructions sheet

    I got a a cased Slim, J4, but I don't have the sheet/pamphlet that came with it. If you have a spare I'd like to talk to you about it. The '64 is my nostalgia razor, and while I wasn't looking to collect, I found a really great condition one on the Bay.
  3. MaineYooper

    PIF: Newbie C-19 Blessings PIF

    A fantastic PIF which brings out our better angels!
  4. MaineYooper

    WTB Eversharp/Schick I2 Hydro-magic Injector Razor with case, 1955

    I have one, with the case and some original blades. I like it, but I prefer my double edge razors. Please PM me and we can go from there!
  5. MaineYooper

    King Gillette Weekend

    A birth year '64 Slim!
  6. MaineYooper

    Smiles PIF

    congratulations to the two chosen!! Nice brushes. Thanks @Graydog for the chance to win!
  7. MaineYooper

    Smiles PIF

    I am in, I work in as a pharmacist in a grocery store. We need as many smiles as possible! Thanks for making us smile! [emoji106]
  8. MaineYooper

    Who has settled on one?

    While I do try out others on occasion, my brass Christopher Bradley Karve with various plates has become The One.
  9. MaineYooper

    Karve C.B. - Which top cap, widebody or regular and why?

    Ruined aesthetics? First image is my original top cap. Next is the wide body cap. Me likey both [emoji16]
  10. MaineYooper

    Your favourite 5 rock albums?

    Rush - Permanent Waves Boston - Boston Styx - Grand Illusion Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue Cheap Trick At Budokan
  11. MaineYooper

    Have you ever not been able to finish a shave with a new blade?

    It happened to me, probably several years ago. I can't recall the blade, but the first pass was horrible, so I switched out the blade. I typically soldier through, then decide later whether or not to bin the blade.
  12. MaineYooper

    Karve C.B. - Which top cap, widebody or regular and why?

    As of Thursday, I now have both. I like them both, but I am leaning towards the wide body cap. And I don't think the look changed that much, just tabs covered up. And while I have not drawn blood on my earlobes, I have never like the sensation of the blade tab, in any razor, coming in contact...
  13. MaineYooper

    What Are You Reading?

    I read Roadshow and The Masked Rider. Now re-reading Ghost Rider. I have been listening to only Rush lately, just enjoying the music and the drumming.
  14. MaineYooper

    Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

    newly received, cleaned, and barbacided!
  15. MaineYooper

    Brass Razor Care and Maintenance Questions

    My brass Christopher Bradley razor is my Goto razor. The blade stays in, the razor rinsed under the faucet, and wiped dry. Same procedure I used for any razor. I do occasionally (twice a year) use some Flitz if under the cap looks like it needs it! Eric; M, Karve Diem, BOSC