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Recent content by magoo75

  1. magoo75

    Why do people lather with only "painting" strokes?

    When doing this they probably are leaving a very light coating on the area to be shaved . Knowing this is all that is required for shaving.
  2. magoo75

    Fragrances that woman hate

    I’m sure she would love the Veg . I had the same thought as you.
  3. magoo75

    What is your facial prep prior to edge touching face?

    I only need to take a shower , come out apply either Barbados foam or brush and soap . Then shave , this works best for me. No razor pull or irritation.
  4. magoo75

    Fragrances that woman hate

    All airheads think alike.
  5. magoo75

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Ketchup is good on eggs, but so is Worcestershire Sauce . Both used separately, and occasionally.
  6. magoo75

    What razor/blade did you use today

    1954 Gillette SS Feather new hi - stainless
  7. magoo75

    Body Soap of the Day

    Irish Sping , nice in the hot weather , refreshing scent.
  8. magoo75

    Alas and curses! I have discovered shave oil. Goodbye brushes and endless soap assortment?

    I have used shave secret just as their directions say. Yes it works, but no way as slick as my Col Conk shaving soap . Also rinsing the razor is harder . Works good in the winter as an after shave, prevents dry skin.
  9. magoo75

    Straight razors are stupid

    Don’t know if I agree about life being about poetry? But your post on SR shaving seems to match my thoughts also.
  10. magoo75

    Fireworks Tonight?

    Leave the fireworks to the professionals. I know those who shoot them off , don’t think or even care the havoc they cause neighbors with possible PTSD , and family pets. Many states it’s against the law .
  11. magoo75

    What dumb thing have you done while shaving?

    Accidentally had two blades in my DE , started shaving , then wondered why the razor was not cutting well.
  12. magoo75

    Comical shaving mistakes.

    Not a shaving blunder , but when in the service I grabbed a bottle of shoe polish remover instead of mouthwash. The taste gave away the mistake instantly.
  13. magoo75

    What is the significance of your Avatar?

    Just my appreciation and love of the natural world.
  14. magoo75

    How Old Are B&B Active Members?

    Where only months apart , 12/13/42 and have the same hobbies. Lol .
  15. magoo75

    Dollar store Assured shaving brush

    I just threw out a Van Der Hagen brush . Was losing hairs faster than the hairs on my head. Bought a synthetic from WCS , love it.
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