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  1. Lyon Heart

    Very strange scales material - What the hell is it

    I have similar scales on three razors. I'd received an explanation in one of the B&B forums that they are Micarta (a blend of rubber or early plastic with linen fibers). The book The Standard Guide to Razors describes a scale material as fiber; "Fiber handle is made from phenol-formaldehyde...
  2. Lyon Heart

    Removing rust and general cleaning questions

    I've also avoided I've used 2K W/D with Mother's Mag Polish as a lube rather than water. Usually the first go around, I get them relatively clean with the exception of a few spots that are stubborn. I treat the blade with a Synthetic Clean/Lube/Protect (either Ballistol or Boesheild T-9)...
  3. Lyon Heart

    Wooden scale finish

    I've been using KUNOS "Livos" natural oil sealer. They have a more durable version for bathroom finishes and both versions are low in odour. With a good rubbing after the third coat it can take on a good polish but I've left a few matt. Really oily woods like Ebony have taken an extra few...
  4. Lyon Heart

    Looking for Advice on Repairing Horn Scales

    I've got a few razors with horn scales that have some damage and am looking for advice on two approaches before I try them. For worm holes, someone on another forum recommended Hornoxy (a blend of epoxy and dust from sanding a similar colored horn.) The approaches I'm thinking of trying for...
  5. Lyon Heart

    American straight razors

    Genco is a great brand. My understanding is the trademark was used from 1916 through to 1965. Prior to that it would have been Geneva Cutlery Co. Regardless, it's always nice to find an old razor in new condition.
  6. Lyon Heart

    Challenged with Removing Pitting

    Larry, Thanks for the input. The edge, after just a bit of sharpening starting with a 4K stone (with tape on the spine) worked out perfectly. I took it down to a 12K stone then chromium oxide + stropping and it gives a great shave. I can live with the pitting. Thom
  7. Lyon Heart

    Challenged with Removing Pitting

    Thanks for the input. The Puma blade is a very thin extra hollow ground, so I agree that aggressive sanding would more than likely compromise the blade. I can live with the character.
  8. Lyon Heart

    Challenged with Removing Pitting

    A couple weeks ago, I picked up a small lot of razors. Someone had posted a fuzzy picture of their old razors on a table, asked for a cheap price and a couple of them looked interesting. one of them was a Puma Special 68 (or 89, depending on how you read it) I oil it, sanded it with some...
  9. Lyon Heart

    What do you call those Slim Straight Razors?

    I've come across a few razors like my 3/8ths W&B (pic attached). It sharpened up great and gives a surprisingly good shave on its own. However, I've frequently referred to these sized straights as mustache trimmers, assuming that there is some class of straight razor that is just meant for...
  10. Lyon Heart

    Repairing Buffalo Horn Scales

    I will try out the epoxy fix just to see what I'm able to produce and the carbon fiber liner sounds like a solid idea. I'll also order some horn so I can try my hand at that. In the meantime, I dropped by a local shop here in Ottawa (Canada) this weekend and picked myself up a piece of Gabon...
  11. Lyon Heart

    Repairing Buffalo Horn Scales

    Thanks. I got pins and washers from Maggard's a couple years ago. They do have a good selection of materials.
  12. Lyon Heart

    Repairing Buffalo Horn Scales

    Thanks for the advice. I'd enjoy trying to repair the old scales but I would also like to have a nice set of solid scales on this razor. which the old scale probably won't become. I realized last night that nothing is stopping me from doing both. I'll get around to trying an epoxy-fix just to...
  13. Lyon Heart

    Repairing Buffalo Horn Scales

    I picked up this 8/8ths Wade & Butcher last week. I've refinished enough blades back to gently polished and shave ready that I'm good with the blade and experienced at re-pinning. I'm inclined to make an attempt to repair the scales rather than splurge on a new set. The pivot pin end is quite...
  14. Lyon Heart

    I am thinking the 7/8" wide blades are for coarse beards.

    I grow a beard every summer when I'm up north fly fishing. When I get back, I take a 7/8ths wedge from my cabinet, lather up my beard and after each stroke, wipe the removed hair onto a paper towel. At the end of the shave, I place the beard, lather and towel into the trash bin. Going from...
  15. Lyon Heart

    Info on Mechi razors?

    I know this is an old entry, but I thought I'd drop a note and say "Thanks". I found the Mechi Razor shown below this summer, cleaned it up, honed it and this morning it gave me a great shave. I was looking for some information on Mechi and the string on the entry was very informative. It's a...
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