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  1. Lux_Aeternitas

    Rooney done whaaaa?

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Yeah I agree with everyone, I feel as if I'm going to get cavities if I stare long enough at those brushes.
  2. Lux_Aeternitas

    Using my Kampfe-Star LC as a historical source

    What a nice use for a piece of shaving equipment! :laugh:
  3. Lux_Aeternitas

    First SE shave

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Lux_Aeternitas

    First SE shave

    You know, it's a good thing I didn't even cut myself once using it despite that it kept moving around and that I had to keep fixing it.
  5. Lux_Aeternitas

    Less aggressive razor for sensitive skin

    A Super Adjustable lets you choose your type of shave. So stick with that.
  6. Lux_Aeternitas

    First SE shave

    Hey all, So yesterday my boyfriend gave me a GEM 1912 safety razor along with a SE blade to try it out. Needless to say, the shave was very nice. However, I kept on having to adjust the blade because it kept sliding back as I was shaving my legs. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with...
  7. Lux_Aeternitas

    Confucius say

    That's so epic. :lol: :lol:
  8. Lux_Aeternitas

    How Is Your Day ? Three Words

    Long school day.
  9. Lux_Aeternitas

    $7.50 for Lip Balm, Seriously?

    I recently bought a Lip Smacker Natural lip balm in Guava, and it was so cheap..I love it! Im also a fan of Palladio's Herbal Tinted lip balm in Cotton Candy, It gives the right amount of a light rosy pink with the benefits of a balm/gloss sort of texture. :thumbup:
  10. Lux_Aeternitas

    $7.50 for Lip Balm, Seriously?

    Janna, I never bought the CO Bigelow lip balms for the reason they are 7.50, and because I really hate the consistency of the balm. I find them to be too runny and slick, my friend likes them but I just don't even care for it.
  11. Lux_Aeternitas

    A question for ladies re shampoo

    I recently got into shampoo bars too along with my boyfriend, I suggest you try IA Soap's website since they have a variety. I rinse thoroughly and blowdry my hair only to get amazing results and volume. Another suggestion is to try Ebay which Im sure you'll find a few sellers who make shampoo bars.
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