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  1. Luc

    How Often Do You Hone?

    Depending on the blade. Usually around 15-20 shaves.
  2. Luc

    PreShave soap

    in my case, I also wash my face before shaving. What I noticed is that a don’t need a product labeled preshave to be effective. musgo in particular will soften the beard hair. My regular bar of soap too. does it help the lather, I can’t say that it does or not. I did try to lather musgo and...
  3. Luc

    PreShave soap

    Musgo preshave is a very good product. You can leave it or rinse it. It’s up to you. I take a shower before shaving so using a preshave is resumed by using a regular bar of soap. if I do not shower, I would use proraso pre-post-shave.
  4. Luc

    Boxing or Muay Thai training- new gym

    Well, I didn’t buy anything. I’m watching YouTube videos and reading as much as I can. With this virus, it’s fairly difficult to meet someone but I do understand why it’s important. I started a routine that requires a yoga mat only. So, at least I’m moving a bit. i want to thank everyone again...
  5. Luc

    Boxing or Muay Thai training- new gym

    Thanks again gents! I will definitely look into hand protection. I keep looking at the hang bags, I can probably roll them under the bed or throw it in a closet. many thanks for the information
  6. Luc

    Boxing or Muay Thai training- new gym

    Thanks gents. I looked at a few punching bags but, since I never really used one, I got no idea how easy/pain it can be. I mean, the one on the stand must be bulkier. The one with the hook might be a pain to hook/unhook each time. I'm guessing (from what I read) that the one on a hook is an...
  7. Luc

    Boxing or Muay Thai training- new gym

    Or something else... I’m not an athlete and I am not looking to become one. I would like to train but I cannot give up a whole room in the house to convert it into a gym. A bit of background. I’m not what you would call fit. 2 years ago, I turned to the paleo lifestyle and I’m still doing it...
  8. Luc

    What shave stick did you use today?

    Wilkinson sword stuck on top a of a tabac shave Stick since it’s near the end.
  9. Luc

    Skin Bracer: glass vs plastic

    The formulas changed for sure. I always decant any AS from plastic to glass.
  10. Luc

    Proraso Shaving Cream Green --- VS --- Proraso Shaving Soap Green

    Your water can make a difference between the two. If you have hard water, the shaving cream would be easier to use. If you have soft water, you won’t see much of a difference. I prefer the soap myself. But it’s more of a croap than a soap (in between cream and soap)
  11. Luc

    Okay, fess up. When you started this year you had enough shave soap in the house to last at least a year

    So far, 2 shave sticks. 2 aftershaves and a tabac shave cream. I have enough soap to last between 10-15 years...
  12. Luc

    Flour or Corn tortillas?

    I guess hybrid is the beat definition. I don’t eat corn or wheat flour. I came up with a paleo version that has almond, tapioca, coconut and buckwheat flours
  13. Luc

    What's your goto shave stick?

    I have one that I will use and review in the shave stick review project
  14. Luc

    Homemade Pepper sauce

    I highly recommend it. It’s a different game!
  15. Luc

    Homemade Pepper sauce

    I should probably post... I found, not too long ago, a small family-owned farm in Ontario that grow their own peppers and make hot sauce. I bought some, great stuff, love it. I will buy again for sure! Then, I had a recommendation on youtube to watch a how-to video on how to make hot sauce. I...
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