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  1. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson Brushes | Tell Me True | Is Mashing Bad?

    +1. I don’t know how it’s possible to lather without some (needn’t be a lot, but some) splay. Would be great if they could show what they mean.
  2. LoveTheSlant

    Under the radar brushes

    Zenith Manchurian.
  3. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson and Kent Synthetic Brushes

    Curious why they didn’t make the CH3 in platinum.
  4. LoveTheSlant

    Help Choosing Next Razor Please

    Then another vote for the Yaqi double open comb slant. TBH, it shaves as well as any of my far more expensive razors.
  5. LoveTheSlant

    Help Choosing Next Razor Please

    Thank you sir!
  6. LoveTheSlant

    Help Choosing Next Razor Please

    Because 1. it’s not quite twice the price let alone three times 2. why buy an imitation when you can get the original 3. as a result of 1 and 2, the GS r41 will likely retain more of its value if you try to sell.
  7. LoveTheSlant

    Help Choosing Next Razor Please

    I'd likely go for the new stainless r41 over the DS Cosmetic homage.
  8. LoveTheSlant

    Yaqi adjustable razor

    It is Zamak, but then again so is the Progress. The adjuster seems a little unusual. Here are the specs.
  9. LoveTheSlant

    What's your favourite sausage variety and why?

    Andouille. Tasty as all heck, uniquely American and despite that, relatively speaking, not so fat and calorie laden. Hot Italian sausage, tasty as all heck and again relatively speaking, not as bad as a typical hot dog, fat and calories wise. Ya’ all can keep the sweet Italian variety. 😂
  10. LoveTheSlant

    Experienced shavers: share your mistakes and mess-ups

    A lot of great suggestions dealing with technique. So I’ll just add the following as you progress. Buy Simpson brushes to begin with. They are at a premium to many other brushes out there but you’ll end up there anyway so might as well “skip the skimp” and save in the long run. And make sure...
  11. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson’s Duke 3 Synthetic

    IME, the CH2 synth had a break in period. Mine was very tough to splay at first, but with use it has become wonderful. I know it’s not badger, so it may be my imagination (or my just learning how to make it work better for me).
  12. LoveTheSlant

    First shave for teenage son

    I shaved my two guys with a DE when they first started needing a shave every once in a while (each at 14 or so). This gave them a sense of feel and angle. At 15, I opened my den to the younger one. With a little prodding (the Timeless was off limits lol), he grabbed my Standard aluminum. He...
  13. LoveTheSlant

    Black Friday is around the corner. Will razor vendors be offering discounts

    Razor Emporium had a 30 pct off sale last year. That made for a great price on the Rex.
  14. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson Chubby

    I have purchased four Simpson badger brushes in the last 12 months (CH3, CH2 and 2 PL 10’s). Between all of them l have lost a total of maybe 5 hairs. These brushes, all Best, definitely have a break in period after which their performance is such that I have no interest in purchasing a brush...
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