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    Need advice

    Cold water shave could be an option. Some find this better for reducing irritation; in warm climes or on warm days this shave is also most refreshing.
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    Schick E-3 first use

    I have 2 Schick E razors. One, a De Luxe version I find is an excellent shaver but the other standard type is more aggressive and less comfortable to shave with. Close scrutiny of the blade reveals a different amount of exposure which explains the results presumably.
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    LORD L5 vs. LORD L6

    Yes a clear mistake by ElliotR but he has learnt his lesson. I have a soft spot for the Lord for obvious reasons but have lent my L6 to my son who finds it a mild but excellent razor.
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    An ode to my Christmas Eve shave with the Schick Hydro.

    ElliotR So you tried out the Hydro, against all advice Used a disposable ...so red face in a trice Many have done this Then started raving.. "Use a DE, that's proper shaving" :wink2:
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    Upgrade from my Lord L6 razor

    Personally I would go vintage and the Gillette NEW long comb is unbeatable if you can pick one up; open comb so you are upping the aggression but not too much. The Gillette adjustables would be another route where you can change the settings to suit your purpose; here you are going to have to...
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    Auto Strops

    Here in the UK they are up to £20 but often considerably less. I paid about £20 for a mint condition Valet autostrop in a collectables shop. Maybe a bit much but the shop guy has to make a living and if you build up a relationship with owners they have contacts and opportunities to pick up...
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    Auto Strops

    In good condition they are an amusing razor to have in one's collection: I have three different types, one of which will take the despined Gem while another the Feather blade only. Shaving performance is satisfactory although blade longevity is poor in my hands, particularly the Feather blade...
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    Help educate a DE user?

    The problem many find with the Feathers is that they only last for a couple of shaves. I find the despined Gem blades last significantly longer. Once you have done several despining procedures then the process becomes pretty easy as long as care is taken. I hold the blade with the light...
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    Blades for the Sticky

    I haven't tried many blades in my Sticky but the Wilkinson blade performs well with me and the Gillette Platinum (Swede).
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    The Cult of Streamline - Streamline & Jewel owners

    Is there a significant difference between the shaving performance of a proper Streamline and a "half" Streamline..a Streamline handle topped with a standard 1912 head? So far I only have the latter!
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    Those rare Valet razors

    With you on this one Morseman as I have exact same experience with longevity. Nice shave while it lasts.
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    Nuts and washers on razors?

    Is the handle neck waisted at the top on this type of handle? With my "New" handles the top is wider at the very top then reduces in diameter. By gently abrading the top surface with emery paper it is possible to reduce the diameter of the top so it fits into the recess.
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    First Valet shave

    The Valet gives me a good shave, love it but the longevity of the Feather is poor, 3 shaves at most..and I don't understand why this is as I can get over a dozen shaves from a DE blade in all the razors I have from the Tech to the Sticky. Also good longevity from Schick Type E although 1912...
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    The Cult of Streamline - Streamline & Jewel owners

    Open comb Streamline? I take the handle off my Streamline stropper (I only have half of the full kit with razor missing). I fit a head from a standard ER 1912 and voila..pretty close?
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    question about removing lacquer from gold plated razors

    I obtained some lacquer liquid and painted this on the parts of my dismantled Gillette New razor after it was polished with Autosol cleaning paste; gold plate had long gone. Razor looked great for several weeks but eventually coating wore off. There may be better ways of making this type of...