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  1. look good or feel good

    Merkur 34C vs Lord L6

    I have a 38C and a Lord L6. I find the shave quite comparable with the audible feedback louder on L6. The L6 of course is very, very cheap and is a 3 pc, so you could actual use different bases. The L6 handle is hollow aluminum and ways virtually nothing so no weight to give you pressure. Love...
  2. look good or feel good

    Newbie looking for recommendations

    The 38C is the same heard as 34C but longer handle. That was my first and a go to. It is moderately aggressive so technique is important especially with the Feathers of the world
  3. look good or feel good

    How do you dispose of used blades?

    Wrapped in toilet paper and in the trash.
  4. look good or feel good

    Well-loved blades which you hate

    Polsilver was first that came to mind. only used it in one razor and will give shot in my Merkur, but not impressed. Also Voskhod did not impress me either
  5. look good or feel good

    Nacet & Silver Blue lovers, which is better for you?

    very comparable. I have only used one nacet blade and found it to be very good, comparable to GSB. Have not decided which I like better. For pure closeness I like Feather, but have to keep excellent technique to avoid a bloodbath
  6. look good or feel good

    What is the one blade........

    Tried Nacet for the first time last week. I like it and is comparable to some of my other favorites such as GSB
  7. look good or feel good

    Most surpising blades

    I have found the same with labs. Surprisngly meds were almost as good as GSB for me but not willing to pay for them even though most say it is same blade as labs. I bought 100 labs cheap but think I will give them to my Marine son to share with his other baby faced buds who may benefit more than me.
  8. look good or feel good

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    Personna Labs.. Needed add on for an Amazon Prime order that would not have qualified. Seriously I had them on my wish list because of value ~$11.95. I will share with my son who is a Marine and realized how much carts costs. With his limited disposable income it became a wise choice (Don't...
  9. look good or feel good

    Gillette Silver Blue VS Voskhod VS ASTRA SP ?

    Similar thoughts from me GSB is tops in this group, Voskhods are OK, Astras are the only blade iget consistently get nicks and irritations from
  10. look good or feel good

    What blade is the WORST for you.....

    Although they are not "supposed" to be bad, Rapira Platinums seem to skip over my beard, which is not that thick.
  11. look good or feel good

    Voskhod- What are they comparable to?

    Honestly, my experience was underwhelming, consistent with the posts on the resurrection of this thread. They were just OK and did not last but 3 shaves when I usually get 5-6 on most blades. Will not be sought out in future purchases. Serviceable but so many more better blades.
  12. look good or feel good

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Treet Classic 3. Best single shave I can recall in a long time. Wow carbon steel may be a thing.
  13. look good or feel good

    Personna Med Prep blades

    darn good blade. Labs to me are the same. So many good ones to try though I can't stay on one type. GSB are my most used though.