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    My RazoRock 400 ReKnot

    Thanks for your detailed report. I think I will be throwing my handle in some boiling water. I have an Omega waiting for a new pair of pants. Have fun braking in that knot. Sounds promising.
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    My RazoRock 400 ReKnot

    How did you pick all the remaining glue in the handle? I steamed the knot out of a handle but don’t know how is best to do that. Did the weight change noticeably? Or just the balance with a knot with more back bone? Yours looks great!
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    How much difference can a brush make?

    Its all pleasure to the senses. Minimal functional differences imo. Get a large omega boar and set it low in a nice handle. What a brush!
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    Which side of leather strop to use?

    If cuts are not bad, you can repair it (sanding or gluing). Strop makers work hard on making that surface smooth for a reason.
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    FS Floid Blue

    Floïd from Spain was bought by Revlon and it was them who made the decision. I would be *very* surprised if anyone (low rank employees included) gets an honest answer from ANY of those type-corporations as to why/how a decision such as to stop making a product is made. IME and IMHO. Floïd was...
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    FS Floid Blue

    Same story as with so many other products: big company bought small company and oversimplified incentives leave product lines like these (small, low growth, no obvious opportunity to make big market waves) out of the scope. Other examples are Valobra, Polsiver SI, and so many others.
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    FS Tim Zowada 6/8 Damascus Straight Razor

    Beautiful razor. The scales are fenomenal.
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    WTB Gillette New Deluxe

    No connection with the seller. You can find one for sale here Gillette deluxe 17mm w/case - https://damnfineshave.com/thread-want-to-sell-gillette-deluxe-17mm-w-case
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    Vintage Ever Ready 200 with Rudy Vey Manchurian Fan

    Rudy’s manchurian knots are fantastic. Top shelf stuff.
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    FS Fat Boy, Slims, Goodwill, NEW LC & DeLuxe, OT, Red Tip, Blue Tips, & more

    I definitely got my razors at the wrong time ... great examples, great prices.
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    Shave Sticks Review Project

    Glad to see you back.
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    Looking for one of these!!

    I love mine. Good luck!
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    Zero waste blades without glue!

    Kai blades come nice a free of any glue. They are also very good blades, they are a bit wider so they do make a more aggressive shave.