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Recent content by LJS

  1. L

    Vintage Brushes, Simpson, Plisson, Chubby, Polo, Etc

    Killing me with the stones!! 🤤
  2. L

    The Master Razor! Fred'k Dutcher & Sons St. Albans VT

    I think it is against forum rules to be asking or any one speculating value. Might want to search around on some of the auction sites if you want to get an idea.
  3. L

    The softest brush I own

    That boar in the flag appears to have been bleached. Nothing wrong with that but they are definitely more supple when treated. Boars make excellent brushes.
  4. L

    My Revisor 6-0035

    Is this your first solingen razor?
  5. L


    Very nice!
  6. L

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    Honed vintage blades along with recommendations from actual straight razor users sounds like the right path.
  7. L

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    Like I said above, most everything is wrong about it being a razor other than it is metal and outline of a razor sort of. Some people spend a lot of time trying to grind them down and hone them….but never seen anyone report being happy about the end result or recommending it to anyone. It would...
  8. L

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    I’m sorry but I don’t think that is actually a razor. On the internet, folks refer to these things as razor-shaped-objects (RSO’s). They are shaped like razors, sort of, but they are not properly designed for a razor bevel or sharpening and are not made of common razor steels. They are basically...
  9. L

    Baddly fitting scales

    That looks like a spacer instead of a wedge like you should have or liner like you mentioned in your post. A wedge is better there as the gentleman above said. However, if they fit and work properly already but have only become loose, then seems like it would be quite easy to simply tighten that...
  10. L

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    Well, let me at least add a photo so I am contributing more. These are all what I believe to be thuringian hones except the top left two which I believe to be PDSO. They came from the same US member with large PDSO collection I believe you referred to. Always good to give photos for everyone to...
  11. L

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    Well, you likely have more experience with both thuris and PDSO than I do, but the info on the thuringian stones seems more known and clear whereas the PDSO much less so. Unless perhaps you know who mined and sold PDSO and where from? Peter/hatchizo (spelling?) is a phenomenal resource with...
  12. L

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    @PaulMallorca “I've seen a few of this small stones over the years. People call them coticules, lately PSDO.” Those sure have a lot of signs of being PDSO and I don’t think they look anything like thuringian stones to me. I think you are putting too much stock in your magnifications photos...
  13. L

    Spring Cleaning PIF

    I’m in. Thank you
  14. L

    Aftershave PIF, Compliments from Declaration Grooming

    I’m in - thanks
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