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  1. Litchy43

    Litchy43's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Michael What are your nicknames/aliases? Litchy43 Where do you live? Australia What is your age (or) generation? Gen X What are you in the real world? Storeman What is your favorite shave setup? Razor - Murker HD Blades - Astra SP Brush -...
  2. HG "Quantum" Scuttle

    HG "Quantum" Scuttle

    Hi All My name is Michael and became a wet shaver over one month ago and I like to do my first review of a product on a wet shaving group and I’m no expert, just a new safety razor driver, but I like my locally made Scuttle and I would like to help the Potter who made it get more business. The...