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  1. linty1

    Multiple Safetery Razor Shelf or Stand

    I also use the test holder, but I got the two level one: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00DJ73XXW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have two of these side by side and they sit on top of a shelf. I like that the second row is elevated so I can see them easier, whereas if...
  2. linty1

    Can I reuse my Colonel Conk wooden shaving bowl?

    I had to google the bowl, thats a great looking bowl, with a lid to boot! Yes to reuse, yes to rinse it clean, dry, and plunk a new puck of conk in it. And if you fancy something else? Plunk something else in it (if it doesn't fit, grate/shave it down and squish it in) and enjoy it.
  3. linty1

    Has anyone used a muhle Silvertip fiber brush? Would you recommend it?

    I have a paa atomic rocket and am enjoying it enough that I am looking at another synthetic (just one more.. ) and the muhle stf is always brought here and there.. kinda juggling it in my mind. Size wise I read for some reason they feel a touch smaller than they are? I was looking at the...
  4. linty1

    Semogue SOC Mistura | Your Impressions & Mine

    If this has been covered, I apologize, but how do you break in a mistura brush? I'm guessing it's just "use it and enjoy the journey" thing... does the brush it on a towel thing work like it would for a boar?
  5. linty1

    Length between shaves

    I'd love to be able to shave everyday, but it simply doesn't grow fast enough for me. Maybe every 2-3 days for me? If I want to shave every 2 days then I'll shorten it to 2 passes. I will say that things you learn/techniques you hone over time will improve your shave no matter what you use...
  6. linty1

    Semogue SOC Mistura | Your Impressions & Mine

    Thanks for putting up that link @Chan Eil Whiskers Jim, and yes, do look around, diff vendors will have diff shipping deals/thresholds and yes. I just have purchased from pf before (my soc boar a few years ago, coincidently) and was comfortable with everything. Btw, pf does accept Paypal, if...
  7. linty1

    All that face stuff?

    I also have a fairly simple routine, everybody had their own thing which works for them, being curious to find something better? Is good, but I wouldn't get too wrapped on "needing" complication? Whatever works, makes you happy, you know?
  8. linty1

    Hello from Ontario

    Hey hey a fellow Canadian, welcome aboard!
  9. linty1

    Travel Brushes

    Thats a great idea Ron! I'm sitting here probably overestimating the amount I travel to justify my need for a dedicated travel brush.
  10. linty1

    Simpson Brushes | Tell Me True | Is Mashing Bad?

    I swirl away, and it splays down a bit? But I don't mash it down to the handle, not that I make it a point to avoid, but it just never gets to that point during my usual shaves, Simpson brush or any other brush. I just load and have plenty of soap for shaving, without needing to mash.
  11. linty1

    Brushes Added to Shave Den

    I really like your eshave brush Big Jim, the handle is very unique/nice. I glanced at their website, very nice.
  12. linty1

    Semogue SOC Mistura | Your Impressions & Mine

    I made the move and clicked submit on a butterscotch mistura. This is probably already common knowledge, but if you're thinking of picking one up, have a glance at the Portuguese Factory website before buying from them on ebay, its cheaper. (I saved $20). I'm guessing they bake the shipping...
  13. linty1

    Simpsons shaving brushes, are they really worth it.??

    Just to add to what Owen said, I am.. so impressed, and proud and just.. the quality of responses and measured answers... I read this thread a few times and.. you guys are gentlemen and I'm blessed to be associated with you guys. Thank you.
  14. linty1

    Best place to buy injector and AC blades

    My ac feather proguards I've purchased one at a time from ebay (sort by low to high $) and just take the lowest, back then I only had one se ag shaver so I went through blades really slow. My latest ac blade purchase I was -going- to buy from italian barber and a bunch of other stuff, but they...
  15. linty1

    Are people posting less formal reviews?

    Same, I'll post a quickie thoughts usually in the context of a discussion and not (try) to highjack the convo and go like that.
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