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  1. LightShave

    Gem PTFE coated stainless single edge blades

    As other have said go to Connaught shaving. These blades are in the process of being discontinued, so take that into account!
  2. LightShave

    General purpose moisturiser recommendations?

    Make yourself some Thayers? Filtered water (hydration), Witch hazel (astringent, will help with absorption and preservation), Aloe vera (perfect for skin, use juice or gel with glycerine), Glycerine (moisture retention) and a few drops of vitamin E (will preserve for 6 months). You can then add...
  3. LightShave

    will a bamboo bowl absorb creams

    If you want to seal it permanently you can without too much fuss. You'll need some CA superglue, a couple of disposable paint brushes, Micromesh cloth and some common sense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-FXOsMR2tY
  4. LightShave

    Pine Barrens scented shave soap?

    If you are looking for something very specific you could get yourself some unscented LPL and a couple of bottles of essential oils. I suggest 3 drops on the puck in a triangle and lather as normal.
  5. LightShave


    LPL unscented for me. You can add a few drops or whatever essential oil you like.
  6. LightShave

    Is there anything slicker.

    I actually found TOBS sandalwood to be the least slick of any soap I've ever owned. Even cheaper soaps out perform it. Palmolive, Arko & Proraso.
  7. LightShave

    Straight Razor For a Beginner

    If you wanted a very cheap start up cost you could consider buying a shavette, connaught has the Dovo on clearance price. The alternative is Miraki. Otherwise +1 to Marco.
  8. LightShave

    High iron content

    If it was me I'd boil a kettle of bottled water. If you have to use the iron water try avoiding triethanolamine and tetrasodium EDTA, etc.
  9. LightShave

    Why didn't you guys tell me proraso red smells so good?

    I washed with proraso red today to test for irritation. Smells very earthy, musty and herby with a cologne of deep peppery sandalwood spice. It invokes memories of my musty dusty bean toys I had as a child.
  10. LightShave

    Extending blade life

    You have to remember that when you are talking about the blade, you really mean the blade edge which can be measured in microns. This vastly reduces the material's ability to withstand damage. The Copper is a metaphorical aid to help visualise the surprising strength hair has. Some people like...
  11. LightShave

    What aftershave do you pair with tabac soap?

    Cella Eau de Lavende.
  12. LightShave

    Has anyone Used The Shave Nation Lather Bowl

    I bought the Luminarc carine black bowl. It's resistant to rapid heat changes, shock and staining. £3.51 on Amazon. Don't know about america.
  13. LightShave

    Extending blade life

    The ultimate tensile strength of Copper is 210-220 MPa. The ultimate tensile strength of human hair is 380 MPa. Beard hair is tougher than Copper at the same thickness. There is no doubt that DE blade edges degrade from use. Teflon, Platinum and even Titanium DE blade edges degrade with use...
  14. LightShave

    PIF for Newbies

    I'm in. I'll PIF after I've tried it.
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