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  1. lgmedler

    Any Other SR Shavers in the Philippines?

    I am retiring/moving to Surigao Del Sur the first of 2021. Southeast of Cebu on the "good side" of Mindanao. :) I've been watching videos from the P.I. and they really have things locked down due to the "WuFlu." I don't expect to find much in Mindanao in the way of wet shaving products. I will...
  2. lgmedler

    Razorock 400 noir

    People now-a-days are so wasteful. Sad.
  3. lgmedler

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Today was an Omega 21139 Boar a.k.a. "The Shower Hog". The knot is a little floppy. I like to use it with my Wilton Bicentennial pewter mug put out by Williams Mug soap in 1976. It's a good mug brush since it's made of rubber, no clanking on the sides of the mug. Just an occasional dull thud. :)
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