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  1. Leverspro

    Did your 'grail' live up to your expectations?

    My razor acquisitions are driven by simple curiosity. I don't really expect much, but sometimes my curiosity is heightened by things that I've read about a razor. There certainly are variables from person to person that often make other people's experiences with a razor very different from...
  2. Leverspro

    Green Cella Scent

    I thought you all were being serious until I got to the "pink pepper " part.
  3. Leverspro

    Shave brush clean made easy with citric acid

    Never used citric acid. Is it dry granular or a liquid?
  4. Leverspro

    FS Simpson Chubby 3 Super, Karve CB Razor w/Stand, Feather DE Blades

    The Karve is a fantastic razor, and the stands aren't available anymore.
  5. Leverspro

    FS Charcoal Goods Handles, Feather AS-D2S, GEM Starling, Panta Rei Brush

    Nice handles. Was hoping for a vertigo copper when I saw the ad.
  6. Leverspro

    Synthetic Knot Recommendation

    How many actual different synthetics are there? If they look the same are they probably from the same factory? Example: "angel hair" and "cashmere." The full moon looks exactly like knots on APShave with different names.
  7. Leverspro

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    I agree. That raked top cap in copper beats anything shiny thing in my books.
  8. Leverspro


    Nice.will it wear off or is it permanent?
  9. Leverspro

    Rockwell 6s Bounces Across my Face

    I had trouble with a razor bouncing this week, but it was definitely related to my soap being too watery and my angle being off.
  10. Leverspro

    I like non-dense, floppy, low backbone, soft knots. Whose with me?

    I'm liking a brush that splays easy. Is that the same as floppy? I just ordered a heritage collection handle and will put a synthetic in it. Is the APShave synbad "floppy" ?
  11. Leverspro

    Martin de Candre Rose shaving soap

    I've been using MdC this week, a sample size of rose. I can't get good protection from it. I have the fern scent and never had trouble with it but for whatever reason my razor is chattering instead of gliding and nicking me in the process.
  12. Leverspro


    I have the torpedo in brass and the bishop variant in copper. I wish I had a double helix, maze, hammered and vertigo. But there's no way I could get that many handles in rotation
  13. Leverspro

    WTB ATT SE1 Aluminum Cap and Base Plate

    Hope you can find what you're looking for. If not I have a complete razor that I'd sell. Thanks, Barry.
  14. Leverspro


    I seriously considered buying one last week for $199 on their "deals" page. Sold out now, but they do seem to add there fairly regularly.
  15. Leverspro

    The Wolf has Landed

    Same thing that has made me get rid of all my OC except my Timeless DC, a harsh feel of the teeth on my skin. I also shave seven days a week, so I have better feel with the SB. But don't worry about having a DC. I could have easily kept it.